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YIFY is a brilliant torrents platform. You can use the YIFY for a variety of things. This includes the downloading free stuff online including the movies, games, TV shows and a lot more other stuff. After the YIFY got blocked, this was a shocking news for a lot of fans., However, as the internet is emerging, there is a lot of yify proxy present online. You can get any one of them to access the platform online. In this article, you would come to know about the various yify proxies which you can use to unblock the website. So let’s begin reading them.

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Yify torrents proxy websites

Proxy is an intermediate between you and the server. It’s a way of accessing the blocked website by the different domain. When you are over the yifi proxies, the tracker or the ISP would think that you are accessing a network which is not blocked. Meanwhile, the proxy is connecting you to the original blocked website. This is how the proxy works. In a nutshell, proxy websites help you to access the same stuff with a different domain if the original website is blocked. Here are some of the yts proxy by which you can unblock yify.

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List Of Yify/Yts Proxy And Mirror Sites

  1. http://yts.ph/
  2. https://yts-am.prox.fun/
  3. https://yts.mrunlock.xyz/
  4. https://yts.gs/
  5. https://yts.unblocked.vet/
  6. https://ytss.unblocked.ms/
  7. https://ytss.unblocked.wtf/
  8. https://ytss.unblocked.lol/
  9. https://yts.bypassed.in/
  10. https://yts.bypassed.ws/

More information about Yify/Yts movies

YIFY, also called as the yts is a known platform for downloading the torrents. The website is one of the best torrent websites in the world. The website is the biggest movies platform. This is because of the fact that the website has a great number of movies present on it. You can access every movie on the website. Whether it is old classic or the new hits, the website has it all. You can search for the newest content on the website.

It is a home for downloading the clearest picture quality of the movie possible. You can download the Blu-ray, 1080 HD, 720 and much more, just on the go. However, the platform was shut down due to the unavoidable reasons. Don’t worry, you can still access the website with the help of the yify movies torrent proxy. This is how you can get the job done in no time.

Unblock Yify by the help of the VPN

Though YIFY proxies can easily be accessed by the normal web browsers you need to be really secure while accessing the torrent websites. This is because of the fact that you might get tracked. Your ISP may report you and you can get in a great trouble. To avoid this, you can take the help of the VPN services.

Now, you might be interested in knowing that what does a VPN do? Well, it’s pretty easy. VPN is like a tunnel. This tunnel has 2 ends, one is you and the one is the YIFY. Rest, the packets you both exchanges are in the middle of the tunnel. Now what happens is that this tunnel is a private tunnel. Nobody can interfere in the tunnel. In simple words, the network is a private network now.

With the help of this private network, you can access anything you want. Even the torrent website itself wouldn’t know that who is requesting for the packets. The VPN also hides your IP address. Now in this way, nobody would be able to track you and you would be free to access anything you want.

There are a LOT OF THE VPN services which are present in the market but you would have to select the most trustful ones out of them. You can search for the best one online. Some of the trustful VPN are the Windscribe, TunnelBear hide my ass, etc.

Alternatives To the YIFY/YTS

You can access the YIFY through a lot of ways but still, if you fail to access the platform you can take the options of the alternatives. There are a lot of torrent alternatives to the YIFY. Some of them are listed below as follows:

  1. Kickass

Kickass is one of the best torrent websites which you can access online. It has a great GUI and along with that, the website allows you to download the images, videos, movies and much more. So in case you want to access the website you would have to follow the same steps you did while unblocking the YIFY. Furthermore, the website is categorized in many categories. It makes sure that the surfing experience is the best one for you. The powerful search box would get you every torrent you are looking for.

  1. The Pirate Bay

Another website, the pirate bay is a brilliant platform when it comes to the downloading the torrents. The best torrent website of the world, pirate bay is brilliant in many genres. Whether it is the games, movies or any other media you can do everything at an ease. What’s more in the box is the GUI of the website. You can get everything at an ease and that too without facing any issues.

  1. ExtraTorrent

Another great platform is the extratorrent. Similar to its fellow torrent sites the website is categorized and efficient in searching for the torrents. The website makes sure that it has the best quality torrents which you can download. You can be ensured about the quality of these torrents by viewing the sample screenshots. The GUI of the website says a lot about the torrent website.

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