9 Best Affiliate Marketing Websites & Programs For 2019


Like any business model, affiliate marketing has evolved over the years it has become an ever more popular, low-risk method, of enhancing income. The number of players entering the marketplace is increasing all the time, with 2018 seeing no evidence of a decline in affiliate programs being adopted. If you are considering running an affiliate marketing platform, here are five of the current most highly-rated networks.

  1. Amazon

Amazon is a popular choice for any fledgling marketers because of the sheer scope of its products. The main difficulty is narrowing down which particular product niche would be most relevant to whatever it is you intend promoting, since the retail giants shift everything from drones to books to candy.

They offer a commission rate of 10% on any qualifying product sale. Not only that, even if the sale in question wasn’t the one linked to via your site, purchases made through referred traffic are taken into consideration. Also, because of the sheer diversity of products available, Amazon is treated as a one-stop shop, meaning there are often large, multiple-product orders.

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  1. eBay Partners

eBay is obviously another colossal retail organization, with a global reach, and an inexhaustible product list. If you are familiar with eBay, you will appreciate the dynamic, user-friendly interface customers are presented with. Your own affiliate marketing campaign can tap into this, via eBay’s Partner Networking tools. These allow you to customize your own pages, as well as easily track down listings you’d like to promote. Few online retailers offer such a product range, and you gain double-commission for your first three months of trading.

The Link Building tools are set out in a straightforward guide, with step-by-step instructions about implementing the hyperlinks on your own web platform.

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  1. Shopify With Oberlo

Launched in 2017, Shopify is a Canadian-based affiliate marketing network which claims to be collaborating with some 600,000 marketers, turning over in excess of $82 billion in their first year of business. As well as operating in the traditional world of e-Commerce, the company has intimated their intention of expanding their endeavors into the real world by establishing a permanent location – in California, USA – where budding entrepreneurs can approach customer services personnel to gain advice.

As well as help, there will be educational classes to enable affiliate marketers to learn more about the trade. Shopify offers generous referral rates (a 200% bounty for the first two months of your subscription fee.)

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  1. ShareASale

Based in Chicago, USA, ShareASale runs campaigns in parallel for affiliates and for merchants. Again, they are catering for an incredible diversity of goods, allowing would-be marketers to be astute when deciding which programs to sign up to. In terms of commission generated, they offer flexible payout options, in both standard and digital formats.

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  1. ClickBank

Similarly to ShareASale, ClickBank offers their marketers a range of merchants to choose from. Actually selecting the program to sign up to is very straightforward, thanks to the competent navigation. There are a few drawbacks with ClickBank. One of the most obvious is they have yet to move over to digital payments in terms of their commission. This means you need to factor in considerations such as Check payments, as well as Direct Deposits or Wire Transfers. Also, no matter what product you happen to have promoted, the ceiling for commission earned per referral is $150.

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  1. Rakuten Marketing

Rakuten Marketing comes with a great deal for the digital marketers who are actively working on the Affiliate programs. If you are searching for a new program, then this must be the next choice of yours to look forwards. Rakuten has a great partnership with world-class brands to attract the consumers.

This website includes everything from electronics to household things including products for your pets. You name it and this website has it, it works just brilliantly for the associates working with them. Just like other markets, this platform also gives you some part of earnings from the products sold out by your id. It works just simply and you will be paid as per your activity log on selling the products.

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  1. StudioPress

If you have a good number of digital audience or we can say, followers on various online and social networking websites, then StudioPress can make you rich. Yes, by following their easy-to-follow affiliate program, you can simply start earning from their program. It doesn’t require special skills, and anyone can start using their platform with some basic skills.

They are the creators of WordPress themes, hosting and plugins which are highly in demands. WordPress is World’s most popular website platform where over 60% of the world’s websites reside. You can earn by selling their themes and other tools which are available on their websites.

People or website developers’ first choice is to look for new themes and advance WordPress tools on the StudioPress website. This website makes the selection procedure of the new themes and tools easier to customise and develop websites as per their requirements.

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  1. Bluehost

Bluehost is currently the most popular and highly recommended hosting providers for WordPress users. In fact, over 70% of WordPress users are rely on the Bluehost and most of them are earning good money from their affiliate program. They offer affordable pricing of their new hosting plans.

Bluehost is loved by every digital marketer because of their highly-supportive customer care team. Their customer support team is very helpful for the users and marketers to help them with their queries.

Moreover, Bluehost comes with an easy-to-follow affiliate program which lets you start your Bluehost business just by referring the links to your friends. If someone buys any hosting plan from your referral link, you will get paid for that. Bluehost is the most recommended platform for WorldPress platform and other marketers as they are getting good results by following their easy referral programs.

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  1. MaxBounty Affiliate Program

MaxBounty is a fresh Affiliate program which is associated with world-class brands from around the world. This program works like every other affiliate program where your main task is to sell out the products listing on their websites.

The platform features Computer Security software and other digital products like Anti-viruses etc. You have to use your referral link to encourage your audience buying them and that’s how the entire program will work for you. It’s a great platform if you are looking for something unique to start with.

Given this last aspect seems at odds with most of its competitors, it may well be the case this is something which is set to be revised as we move further into 2019.

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