Make Money Online With These 9 Passive Income Ideas


We all work harder to have a good life and generate good income. But most of the time this income is only enough to complete the basic needs. We all have different desires that wish gets completed. When you think about earning some quick money, then comes the various Passive Income ideas.

This is the means of earning money where you shall be able to make money while you sleep. Sounds funny, yeah? But don’t think much. There are various legal and authentic ways through which you will come to know how to generate passive income. By reading this blog you will also get an idea about how to create passive income with no money.

1)Become An Author

become an author-min

If you are a good writer, this is the best way to generate passive income streams. All you need to do is to write a book, tie up with publishers, do the proper marketing and publish it. Then go home and sleep nicely while your book might be getting sold providing you monetary profit through a certain amount of royalty that you will be getting.

You will keep getting passive incomes even after various years of the book getting published since still, people will be buying it. Apart from this once your book gets listed on different e-commerce sites then you will receive a check amount every month even though you shall be doing nothing. All you do need to do is the proper marketing of your book.

2)Rent Your Home or Apartment

Rent Your Home or Apartment-min

If you have an apartment or home that nobody is using, then don’t waste any time and put it on rent. A number of people are looking for a place to live in and hardly get any proper place of their kind. In such a case your house or apartment would be like a boon for them. You can charge rent as you want and get it on monthly basis.

For initial months, you could charge decent rent, but you can keep increasing it in the meantime. Since it is very hard to get a house these days, people are ready to pay whatever monthly charge is demanded.

3)Start Your Own Business

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Those people who are the some of the richest ones in this world didn’t get richer because they worked from 9 to 5 like others. All they did was to launch their business and supervise the daily operations thus assuring that everything is going at a great pace. When you open a business focus on market networking and effective marketing.

In this way, the customers will keep applying for your products and services. Thus you will end up having the maximum amount of passive income.

4)Become a Vlogger

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Today a lot of successful video bloggers are earning more than their office-going counterparts. If you have a talent, you can showcase it on different Online Platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo or any such. For example, if you are humorous, you can conduct funny gigs on your channel and become famous. If you have a good voice, then you can showcase your singing skills. Similarly, if you are a teacher, you can create different courses and upload it on different platforms.

The more your followers’ increases, the number of people shall subscribe your channel to watch you out. In this way, YouTube will keep paying you based on the number of subscribers and views. Later on, depending upon your popularity, various sponsors will tie up with you to promote their products through your channel. In this way, you will keep making money, even while you sleep peacefully.

5)Create a Software

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This is another way to earn passive income. If you have got some technical and programming skills, then invest it wisely by creating a software based on any trending idea. Then you can get it listed on any Software Downloading Site like Softonic, Google Play Store, Apple Store, Microsoft Store etc.

Once you get listed, you will keep getting paid depending upon your software’s popularity. The more it gets downloaded, the more you will keep generating income. Once your software becomes popular, other sponsors might contact you then to host their ads on your software – thus another way to get passive profit.

6)Rent Your Stuff

rent your stuffs-min

You can rent your furniture, costly designer dresses, jewelry etc by tieing up with different renting platforms.For example, there has been a trend where a lot of married women rent out their bridal dresses. Not all people can afford to buy those expensive things that happen to be in your possession. Similarly, you might not be using those expensive things regularly, in most of the cases sometimes not even for years.

In such a case, it’s better to rent out these things to those who need it. Depending upon the quality of material, you can charge higher or lower.

7)Invest into Real Estate

invest into real estate-min

This is another sector that is booming up these days. All you need is to invest in a real estate firm and wait till the stock rises. In this way you can increase your income. Apart from these, if you have any real estates property like an apartment, row-house or land, you can give it on the lease. Then you can earn healthy amount on the monthly basis.

8)Get your photos copyrighted

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If you are photographer, then you can get them copyrighted and apply them for approval at different websites such as Shutterstock. Once your website gets approved, you will get a monthly amount since your photos are listed there.

Apart from that whenever someone downloads it or pay for its use for any commercial purpose, then you may be paid certain part of it. So upload as many best quality images as you can, wait while it gets approved and start earning passive income.

9)Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing-min

This is another way of earning some passive amount while you sleep. Various e-commerce sites such as Amazon offers this service where you need to sign up and write reviews for various products.

Once a buyer gets convinced using your reviews and buys something using the review link you have created, you will be paid accordingly. The more people use your services, higher you will be paid.