Best News Sites For Daily Dose Of Information


Irrespective of the age group we belong to, we all love some kind of the news. Gone are the days when people used to stick to the newspapers whole of the day and do not move. The current scenario of the hectic schedule doesn’t simply allow us. In that case what if we choose the most popular news websites to see all the news around us?

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These days the internet is getting so fast paced that in minutes, one incident can spread to the world. With so much power inside, the internet has taken over everything. These top news websites are brilliant in their own ways. From sports to every genre these websites can connect to the current affairs of the world in seconds. Moreover, not just the today’s news, in one go, you would be able to see the entire story just with the help of the keywords you know. So here are the best news sites which deserve your visit.

List Of Top 5 News Sites For Daily Dose Of Information

1. Yahoo News

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One of the earliest websites which laid its hands in the world of the news, Yahoo has some other kind of the dominance in the news world. Yahoo news has different sections of the genre where you can read the news. The genres contain the sports, lifestyle and much more. Apart from just the news, Yahoo news is always ready to provide you the tips of the life. Whether it is related to the lifestyle or the relationship tips, the platform is always there to help you out with something.

The website also has a filter where you would be able to filter the news according to the nation. This appears out to be with every genre. All you have to do is simply go to the genre and simply click on the region in which you want to see the news in. The monthly views of the platform are 17.5 million.

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2. Google news

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One of the best news websites, Google news has got everything you ask it. The website has done some great research in the genre. Google news has all the filters that you would love to apply to see the news. Moreover, the website also has another plus point. It provides you with the updated content no matter if it has occurred just the seconds before. Google news, not only has its own newsstand but tracks the content of the other website to stay updated regarding the things.

The platform comes in the best news sites for a reason. It shows you the nearby news and the most trending section would show you everything trending around the world. The website has a huge number of categories like the technology, sports, entertainment, and much more.

You can go to these categories and read whatever you want to read from all around the world. The dashboard is so organized like you are reading the newspaper, so you simply don’t have to worry about anything. The website has around 15 million visitors per month which is a huge number.

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3. HuffingtonPost

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HuffingtonPost is another great platform where you can see all the news, all around the world on the go. No matter which country you are residing in, the platform would automatically catch up the location with the help of the network and provide you with the news nearby. The dashboard or the homepage of the website is soothing and clean which makes it one of the best news sites.

There are a lot of categories which are listed on the homepage of the website itself. All you have to do is just click on any of these categories to see more about the news. The news website also provides you with other different things such as the tips, recipes and much more.

The website has 11 million monthly visitors all around the world. Moreover, you can share the news over the different platforms. You can share the news over the facebook, twitter, Instagram on the go so the world may know about the news. Keep on scrolling down and you would find some of the most exciting news, all around the world.

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4. CNN


CNN is a popular platform to view all that news stuff. The website has over 9.5 million viewers all around the world and got some of the hottest stuff worldwide. The website has different genres from the sports to the technology. The news website even provides you with the reviews of the products. Available in the different languages, the CNN is a way too ahead than the other platforms.,

The website is completely focused on the storytelling on the topics that it is free of ads and other distractions. You would find it amazing spending time on the website because of its brilliant GUI. This GUI lets you surf through the website in a much efficient way altogether. So keep things simple and switch to the CNN.

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5. New York Times

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Emerged from the newspapers, New York Times has taken a great stand in the priority list of all those news seekers. All you have to do is simply click on the website, go to any of the genres you would like and start reading. The website is brilliant in terms of everything.

It is neat, convenient to read, regularly updates with the content and provide you with concise and complete news about the topic. All the topics picked up are hot and trending so that you don’t miss onto something.

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