Bookzz – Best Bookzz.org Torrents Alternatives & Similar Sites 2018


Bookzz.org was an online platform where you can go and download some of the free e-books. The idea behind these giveaways is to promote the e-books. The website was great and you could search for an e-book just by typing its name. The website had a great database for the e-books that had about the millions of the bookz. However, the website had closed due to some unavoidable reason.

This, in turn, broke the heart of many e-book fans. Don’t worry the website is still out there but with a different identity and that is, b-ok.org. Though bookzz org made a great comeback some of the websites are not lucky enough to do that. In that case, you have to look for a bookzz alternative.

It’s always good to have options in the case when you are uncertain about something.

List Of Top Sites Similar To Bookzz in 2018

There are great alternatives of the e-book websites. These websites share the same joy of the reading that you felt on the book zz. Moreover, these websites also complete the limitations of the bookzz. Furthermore, these websites guide you all the way through downloading the free e-books without messing up with the copyright issues. So check out the list of the alternatives to the bookzz.org that you can find online:

1. Project Gutenberg

project guttenberg

www.gutenberg.org is the website that you have to hit when you get cravings for reading something. On Project Gutenberg, you can find over 54000 e-books and they are free to download. You just have to search for the ebook and then you would find that in no time. Moreover, the website also allows you to read these e-books on different devices. The website is compatible with both the mobiles and computers. The flexibility of the website can be understood by the fact that the ebooks can be downloaded even over the mobile phone. This is what makes the Project Gutenberg a great alternative to the bookzz.org

. Furthermore, the User interface of the website is so amazing that you would understand everything even if you are the first time user of the website. Just log on to the www.gutenberg.org and then it’s all done. You can register, read and download for free but still if you want to donate to the website, then you can do it.

Visit Website : https://www.gutenberg.org/

2. Open Library

Open Library

Open Library is another great platform as an alternative to the bookzz.org. the website provides you where you can read and download the millions of the e-books and that too at absolutely no cost. Moreover, the website allows the reader with a number of options. These options include the contribution of the writing widgets, adding books, fixing typos and much more.

The best part of the website is that whatever you download, it is absolutely free of all the copying and distribution issues. Moreover, you can also share and download the e-books on the mobile. All you have to do is just search for the book in the search box and you would find your favorite e-book. Furthermore, don’t forget about the GUI of the website that is friendly enough that you can easily find anything.

Visit Website : https://openlibrary.org/

3. Freebookspot


Freebookspot is a great alternative to the bookzz.org for a number of reasons. Freebookspot has a huge number of categories and genres for the books whereas bookzz.org lacked it at the same time. The website has a huge collection of the e-books for both the reading and the downloading purposes. Not just the basic reading stuff but you can find the novels from the categories, Cosmology, Astronomy, Archeology, Agriculture, adult novels and much more.

Moreover, with this huge amount of the databases of e-books you can find an e-book that you want through any of the category or genre. Furthermore, you can choose between reading online or downloading it over whatever device that you have. Don’t worry about the compatibility, the website would contract and relax its screen according to the device that you would use.

Visit Website : http://www.freebookspot.es/default.aspx

4. Getfreebooks

getfree ebooks

www.getfreebooks is the name you can rely upon when you are looking for a great alternative to the bookzz.org. Furthermore, the website provides you with a legal platform for all your e-books and reading media. The benefit of the getfreebooks over the bookzz.org is the huge category of the genres and categories that it has. Moreover, you can also upload your own book.

The website has a huge number of the visitors so it’s a great way of getting the exposure and reach. The website has a brilliant GUI. The user interface is so good that you would scroll through the things even if you are the first time user.

Visit Website : https://www.getfreeebooks.com/

5. Scribd


www.Scribd.com is the most popular platform in terms of downloading and reading the e-books. The website is a great contender for the bookzz.org because of the number of reasons. The website offers great offers and discounts to the user as the website is partially free. Moreover, you can get a month trial by signing up. Furthermore, you can download and read the books online as the website is compatible with every device like the phone, tablets, and PC. So start sharing your ebooks today.

Visit Website : https://www.scribd.com/books


These 5 platforms are a great alternative to the bookzz.org. Because of the fact that these websites have millions of books for reading and downloading purposes, you would find your book irrespective of its genre and category.

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