CartoonCrazy – Best Cartoon Crazy Alternatives & Similar Sites 2019


Everyone loves the cartoons. Whether you want to stream cartoon for your kids or want to take a tour of your childhood, today’s technology offers you with everything. There are a lot of platforms available online which you would love to visit when it comes to the online cartoon streaming. One such platform is the cartoon crazy.

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What makes this platform special is that you can stream all your favorite cartoon on this platform and that too free of cost and without signing up for the website. But even the moon has the dark spots and the same goes with this platform.

The platform has some flaws which land it up on the dark side. Well, don’t worry as the internet has given us some other platforms through which we can still satisfy us. This article introduces to such platforms. Below is the list of the platforms where you would get the list of the platforms alike cartoon where you can get the unlimited streaming of the cartoons and anime online.

Best Alternatives And Similar Sites 2018

1. Kissanime


Kissanime comes to be a great alternative to the because of the number of the reasons. One reason is that you can stream unlimited anime here. The website has a huge number of full episodes uploaded onto it. You can stream or download the episodes as per your wish. Moreover, you would get everything in the HD quality.

Don’t worry; you would get all the anime in the English language. What’s more, can you expect from a cartoon website? Just for the information that the GUI of the website is so amazing that you would not only find the stuff you are looking for but would also get the recommendations for the new anime. So tune to the kissanime and see everything all by yourself.

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2. Gogoanime


Another of the unlimited anime fun, gogoanime lets you stream through its huge libraries of the anime and manga. Be it Naruto, Dragonball Z or the one-piece, you would find whatever you are looking for.

The website features the full episodes for that flawless experience. What’s more in the box is the speed of the streaming. You can stream all the media at a great stream speed. Isn’t that amazing?

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Anime Heaven

Another of the anime website, animeheaven is truly a heaven for the anime lovers. The website is organized in the categories so that you can choose the anime category wise. You can share, download and stream the anime free of cost. All that you have to do is create the account and you are all set to go.

The search box of the website is powered by a great search engine which shows you with all the suitable options you search for. So watch cartoon crazy on the go on whichever device you want.

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4. Animeland


Animeland has the libraries of the entire episodes of the anime. The website features an online video player where you can go and stream through all the anime that you want. The GUI of the website is so brilliant that you would not feel new here.

Talking about the stream speed then you can select the stream speed of the website all by yourself while streaming. However, the stream speed would atomically adjust according to your connection speed.

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5. Watch cartoon online

Watchcartoononline - Best Watchcartoonsonline Alternatives & Similar Websites 2018

Watch cartoon online is a perfect companion for the kids. The reason is the huge amount of the cartoon, anime, and manga present on it. You would forget about the cartooncrazy or any other platform once you use the “watch cartoon online.”

Another benefit of the watch cartoon online is that you can download the unlimited amount of the anime. With this feature, not only you can make your kids happy with the online streaming but you would also be able to view their TV shows offline.

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6. Watchdub


Watchdub is a great platform online for the dubbed anime. As all the anime is made in the Japanese language, the website has stuff which has been dubbed to the English language. Things don’t end here, you would also get the subtitles if you want them.

The website features the online player, which also provides you with the facility of the subtitles. Not just the computer but the website is also compatible with the mobile devices.

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7. Netflix

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The largest online content streaming website, Netflix has everything onto it. All the content is present in the HD quality and with subtitles in the language you want. Moreover, the website is also available as an application over the mobile phones.

Just the fact that the Netflix is not free, you would have to purchase an economical subscription through the website. So go and try the world’s most popular platform for the online streaming today.

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8. Youtube

Another platform to do the online streaming is the youtube. Youtube is amazing. It cannot happen that the new stuff is not out on the online platform. Every video lover uses the youtube and the same goes with the cartoon lovers.

Not just to view the content, you can also use youtube to upload the content. You can either stream the cartoons over the channel or simply create one by yourself. Youtube is the home for the dubbed, original or any other cartoon which has been uploaded by the creator, channel or the common people. It’s completely legal to watch the cartoons right away onto the platform.

Moreover, you can also stream the content without even creating the account for the same.

9. Justdubs

just dubs

Another dubbed cartoon website, justdubs care for the people who are not familiar with the Japanese language. You can stream all the content present on the website for free. The User interface of the website is brilliant and you don’t have to do much to find the cartoon that you want to see.

Not just the streaming but you can also download your favorite cartoon. The website not only contains the full episodes of the cartoon or the anime series but also the HD content. Whatever you choose on the website would be in HD. The website is ad-free and the stream speed of the website would give you everything at a faster speed.

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10. Anime Rhino


The website is a big rhino in the online cartoon streaming. With a massive database of the cartoons, you can find everything. You can stream through the full episodes of the TV series or simply download them.

You can find the dubbed content and too in HD. The subtitles are also present along by so you don’t have to worry much about understanding the Japanese anime and manga. Everything on the website e is legally present and there is no harm in downloading this free stuff. So jump off to the website and download some cool anime.

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