GoGoanime – Best GoGo anime Alternatives & Similar Websites 2018


GoGoanime - Best GoGo anime Alternatives & Similar Websites 2018

Anime is watched all over the world. Everyone is fond of anime whether he is a kid or an adult. As the world is adapting to on the go media, everyone is shifting to the online anime. Gone are the days when a person used to wait for the anime to come on the TV. These days, all you need to know is the name of the Anime that you want to watch online. Gogoanime is one such platform. The online platform is used for watching anime online.

Since there are some problems in the gogoanime, there are a lot of other options to see anime online. Here is the list of the great alternatives to the gogoanime.

List Of Top Sites Similar To GoGoanime in 2018

1. Chia Anime

Chia Anime

Chia-Anime is a huge platform to watch anime online. A great alternative to the gogoanime, Chia-Anime provides all the anime for free. The website is excellently managed and you can easily find all your anime there. Whether new or old, the website gives you access to every anime that you want to see.

Chia-Anime provides you with the search box where you can go and type your favorite anime and you would be served with every option that is similar.

2. Kiss anime


As most of the anime is from Japan, it gets hard for the rest of the world to understand it. Kiss Anime found a great alternative to this problem and is a good alternative to gogoanime because of the language problem.

The website provides you with the free content online and that too in dubbed videos. All the anime present on the website is dubbed in different languages, so the viewer can understand the episodes.

3. Animeshow.tv

animeshow tv-min

Another great alternative to the gogoanime, the website provides with a huge genre of the anime. gogo anime is a way too behind than the animeshow.tv because of the wide category of the anime present on it. Apart from that the website also has the english dubbed anime which makes it different from the gogoanime.

The stream speed of the website is fine and the quality of the anime is also good. You would have to select the quality of the picture that you want to see. Though the website self-adjusts the quality of the picture according to the quality of the internet.

4. Animestreams


Though you would have loved the go go anime at the first sight, once you visit animestreams you forget about everything else. The website just not provides you with amazing anime, but also provide you with a broad range of the categories that you can stream anime from. Animestreams is a great alternative to the gogoaniem.

The website provides the users with the unlimited bandwidth. The benefit of this bandwidth is that the views do not have to face the slow speed issues. So log on to the animestreams now and search your favorite TV shows.

5. Animeland


Animeland is a wonderful platform for the anime watchers online. While gogoanime does provide the user with the categorization, animeland does it alphabetically. This creates a whole new level of the simplicity of the website.

The quality of the anime on the website is higher than the gogoanime. Talking about the speed then the speed of the website is moderate.

6. FUNimation


Another alternative to the gogoanime, the FUNimation has done a great job in the online streaming. You can watch the dubbed anime on the website without interruption. The website also has a great quality content present on it. The website also has a variety of categories from which you can select your favorite show.

How about the speed of the streaming? Well, the speed of the streaming of the website is pretty great. It is faster than gogoanime. The only thing with the FUNimation is that it is paid. You would have to take a subscription to watch free TV shows and movies.

7. Crunchyroll


What if you find a website which would have more than 25,000 anime episode? That is the reason that Crunchyroll is a good alternative to the gogoanime. The website features a lot of episodes from different categories.

The quality of the content is moderate which means that you would get an acceptable quality content.

8. Gogoanime9


This is another great alternative to the gogoanime. The website provides you with dubbed anime in many languages. You can stream all the videos online flawlessly. What’s more is that everything is free to watch. There are a lot of options that you will have while streaming for your convenience.

The next episode starts without even clicking the next button and the website is compatible with mobiles, tablets and personal computers.

9. FMovies

Fmovies - 6 Best Alternatives To F Movies-min

Fmovies is a platform which lets you stream movies and TV shows all over the world. Whether it be Japanese, Indian or any other country, you can stream through anything. Same goes for the anime. The website is a better alternative to gogoanime as it has a wide category you can choose from.

Not just the categories, but you can also get dubbed animes. If not dubbed, you would easily find the subtitles below.

10. ZonaWibu

Want an anime bomb? Well here is ZonaWibu. ZonaWibu is brilliant in comparison to the gogoanime. There is just one thing that you would worry about. The thing is that the ZonaWibu is paid. The website is brilliant in quality wise.

You can stream at whatever quality you want and that too at a great speed. Also, you would find some of the best categories of the anime you want to watch.

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