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Whether you are 90s kid or a new generation gamer, everyone wants to enjoy the old schools retro games. Though today the modern computers have high graphics games to entertain anyone, the thing is that the old games were gems. To play all these gems again you would need an emulator. You can download an emulator from the website coolrom.com. An emulator is an application that makes a device act like the other device. It goes like if you want to play a PSP game and you don’t have a PSP, then the emulator can help you to create a PSP environment. For that, you would have to use the pas proms from the website, coolrom.

You can easily download the ps2 iso file from the website. Though the website is great to have information about the games and downloading the emulators, there are other great options which you should consider. ps2 roms are great to download from the coolroms, but still, it’s always great to have options. So, check out the list of the websites other than cool roms, from which you can download these emulators.

List Of Top Sites Similar To Coolrom in 2018

1. The Old Computer

The Old Computer

As the name suggests, the website is completely the old computers oriented. One of the most brilliant options for the cool rom, the website is a one-stop solution for all your old school gaming stuff. The website has over 480,000 NES roms and the other roms which is a great number over the coolroms. This truly means that you can find and download any of the emulators that you like. Whether it be the PC roms, or that old Sega roms, you would find everything with the old computer.

You can download these emulators for absolutely free. Also, browse through the thousands of the games that can run on these emulators. So visit the old computer today and switch to the largest gaming website on the world, which the website claims about.

Website : https://www.theoldcomputer.com/

2. DopeROMS


Another great alternative to the coolrom is the DopeROMS. What could be better than the thousands of the retro graphics games that you can download along with the emulators? The website is full of the emulators and games. You can find every version that you have missed playing in the past and every emulator that you want to play in. Complete your childhood dream by playing on all these emulators by downloading them for free.

The emulators and the games present on the DopeROMS are 100 % genuine and malware free. You can find the emulators from Sega, Mame, Gameboy Color, Gameboy, NES, Playstation, Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS and even more emulators. Serve yourself with all these emulators, visiting DopeROMS.

Website : https://doperoms.com/

3. ROMNation


ROMNation is a website which has hundreds of emulators and retro games present on it. The website has a variety of games and emulators which you can use to entertain yourself. A great alternative to the coolrom.com, the website has everything that you want in the emulators. All you have to do is just search your query in the search box and you would get all the results on the screen.

Click on any of the emulators and download it and that too for free. By this way, you would be able to download hundreds of the games and emulators. The website has huge categories, more than the coolrom. You have to browse through the categories listed to get things done.

Website : https://www.romnation.net/

4. Romulation


Romulation has got a huge database of games and emulators that coolroms cannot provide. The website has everything that you would want in the old school gaming. What differs this website from the coolrom is the trust of the downloads. You will get exactly what has been mentioned on the website. It’s simply that simple. What’s more in the box is that you will get the information about the emulators.

None of the websites informs you much about the emulators than the Romulation. Moreover, you will also see the suggestions. These suggestions are totally meant for you. Furthermore, the coolrom just lets you download the stuff, while the romulation lets you see the similar emulators that you can download. The website has a huge category list from which you can download your favorite games.

The list is so organized that you would love to see the other games. Download as many games as you want for free and enjoy these retro games flawlessly.

Website : https://www.romulation.net/

5. RomsEmulator

RomsEmulator is an emulator which helps you to download roms for different consoles. Moreover, you can also download the Bios and emulators. You can surf through the variety of the games and download that for free whenever you want. What makes it a way too different from the coolrom is the quality of the downloads, information provided, and everything that you would like to have on an emulator website.

RomsEmulator leaves everything behind with its GUI and easy interface. On the first time, you would learn everything about the website and work with that. What is more in the box is its trustful downloads.

Website : https://romsemulator.com/# (Update : Website Discontinued)

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You can rely on the website for every emulator or the game that you would like to download. The website has all the versions of the games listed on it. What you have to do is just click on the game and it would be downloaded. So log on to the RomsEmulator and download the best games that you have always wanted to play.

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