Display the Most Accurate Comment Count in WordPress


When you are displaying comment count it is always good to display the accurate comment count. WordPress by default includes your trackbacks and pings into the total count which actually inflates the count. Specially some blogs that does not show trackbacks, or has them separated from the comments, you need to make sure that you are displaying the right count. In this article we will show you how you can display the correct comment count through a small snippet which will filter out trackbacks and pings and only display the actual comment count to your users.

Open your functions.php which is located in your template folder. And Paste the following code in there:

  add_filter('get_comments_number', 'comment_count', 0);  function comment_count( $count ) {  if ( ! is_admin() ) {  global $id;  $comments_by_type = &separate_comments(get_comments('status=approve&post_id=' . $id));  return count($comments_by_type['comment']);  } else {  return $count;  }  }

With this snippet, you can now show the most accurate comment count to your blog users.