The Best Ebook Torrent Websites For Free Downloads


This article goes for all the readers out there. Well, we know that you love books. Nothing but the smell of the new books turn you on. But as the scenarios are changing, you should also adapt to the online reading. There are a lot of reasons that you should read online. While one reason can be that you don’t have to carry the load of all those books which you carry around in your backpack. Another reason is that you don’t have to pay much for these books.

All you have to do is pay less and download these e-books. More of the fact that there are a lot of websites which can provide you with your favorite books free of cost. Wanna know about them. Well, you can read below about the book torrents which you can find online. These ebook torrents sites are safe and allow you to download the books for free. So read below and quench your thirst for the reading.

List Of Best Free Ebook Torrent Downloading Sites 2018

1. Bitport

The first torrent ebooks platform that you would like to see is the bitport. Well sincerely speaking the website is not just for the ebooks. There is a different world for the music, movies, ebooks games and much more. Don’t worry, when you are on the bitport you are searching everything anonymously. So you need to think about the security wise.

You can download these books with the help of the external torrent client. So search through these torrents and feel blessed by this lord of the books.

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2. 101 Torrents

101 Torrents is another platform if you want to do the book torrenting. The website holds the treasure of the torrents. With the help of its powerful search engine, you can look for whatever you want. From the movies, music to the ebooks, you can find everything.

Well, you can consider the website as the best torrent site for books because of the features that the website has. Talking about the verified torrents then you would get the proper torrents over the website. The torrents would be having the full versions of the ebooks in the pdf or any other platform. The website is also, the largest site while talking about the torrent books.

3. 01Torrent

Another brilliant website for the book torrent, the website provides you with an amazing facility to search for the torrents. The website has a search box powered by a search engine which lets you go through the thousands of the torrents online. You can click on any of the links and then simply download the link. The website is just not the powerhouse of the Torrent ebooks but also you can download the music, movies, songs and other stuff.

Once you search for the torrent, you would get all the available options for it online. Also, there is a tab of the ebooks where you can find the featured and the popular ebooks. You can also find these books in the different formats. Whether you are downloading it for your Kindle or the smartphone, the links work in all. Just you have to download the external client from which you can download these torrents.

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4. Torrent Off

This website is amazing. The website serves you with an ebook tab for your book torrents. You can simply go and click on the tab and you would get the list of the popular titles, along with the name of the authors and every single detail about the books. You can click onto the books and land on a page full of the links of the torrents. You can click on the torrents and download the links.

Talking about the GUI of the platform, then you would easily understand everything in just minutes. Whether it’s your first time or the 7pth you wouldn’t find any difficulty in finding the right torrents. The website also lets you surf anonymously on the website and download the torrents in the same way. So search for your favorite books and start the downloading now.

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5. Book-Share

The one of a kind website which is absolutely made for downloading and reading the ebooks. All you have to do is just log on to the website and read the suggested reads. Also, you can stream through the millions of the books that are present on the website. Categories or genres? Not a problem with book-share as you would find a great number of the genres and categories. Click on any of the categories and you would find the best reads all the way along.

The website is regularly updated with the content and above all, everything is free. So go on and download the best ebooks from the book share.

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6. Zoogle

Zoogle can be your perfect partner in finding the ebook torrents. The platform is a great way to find the best torrents for your online reading. Not just the ebooks but the website also serves you with the movies, videos, and other stuff which can be downloaded with the help of the torrent.

Talking about just the ebooks then you would require two things to read the book you would search for. The first thing is the external client which would help you to download the torrent. The second thing is the pdf viewer on which you would read the book. So log onto the website and start searching for the torrents.

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7. Smashwords

Smashwords can help you to read, publish and do everything else that you can do with the writing. You need to search for the book and then simply download it. You car read over millions of books onto the platform.

The website is a worldwide library for the books. It is a worldwide distributor and the publisher of the books. So you just need to know about the ebook you want to download. Apart from this, the GUI of the website is brilliant. You would easily find whatever you have been looking for and that too in the first time itself.

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8. Kickass torrents

A one-stop platform for all the torrents. The kickass torrents are known for its torrents. The website has all the tabs present over the homepage. You can click onto the tab and find out the hottest trends and the most downloads are done.

The homepage also has a search box where you would have to simply enter the name of the book or the author. Kickass torrents would show you all the torrents that it would find online. All you need is a torrent client and download the link.

Every single ebook present over the website is full version and in the pdf form, so you would also require a pdf viewer to view the ebook.

9. Ebookee

Ebookee is another torrents aggregator website. The website fetches you great torrents. You can download any of the torrents which suit you up and enjoys the book. The website has a search box where you can search about the keyword and get the list of the suitable torrents.

Not just the website gets you the torrents after you search but it also recommends you the top ebook torrents. The website also gives you the links to the other websites. So get the list of the latest ebook torrents and download them now.

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10. Manybooks

A dream for every bookworm, the manybooks contains more than 300,000 free books online. You can search for the ebooks or search for the author. The website lets you download everything for free, without any problems.

You don’t require external agents to download from the website. Apart from this the platform also offers you the recommendations, popular reads and much more about the books. This way you would also be able to find the new books or reads. The GUI of the website is amazing as the website is entirely ebooks based.

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