Extratorrent – Best Extra Torrent Alternatives & Similar Websites 2018


ExtraTorrent was one of the largest torrent sites in the world. Back in 2017, the website shut down its operations voluntarily without any explanation. The fans and followers of the website were left in the dilemma about the reasons it suddenly went dark. Though most of the users started to shift to other torrent websites as the time passed by, a lot of users are still skeptical in using other torrent websites as they fear information leak along with corrupted or infected files.

If you are one of those who are still looking for a good alternative to the extratorrent, we are here to help you. We have compiled a list of top 10 alternatives to extratorrent.cc which you can use without much worry. Most of these websites have been functional for many years and have a substantial number of users as well.

Please note that we do not encourage you to download pirated content in any way. Please use the best torrent website only for legal downloads.

Extratorrent - Best Extra Torrent Alternatives & Similar Websites 2018

List Of Top Sites Similar To Extratorrent in 2018

1. Extratorrent.cd

It is a sort of reincarnation of the old website of extratorrents. Most of the loyal users have shifted to using this website for torrenting. It is quite a normal practice to shutdown the previous website and launches the operations under a completely new name to avoid any legal actions. The admin and most of the loyal users can be found on this website. The website claims on its home page that it is changing the way it operated and advice people to follow the instructions on how to use torrent website safely.

2. ThePirateBay.org

It is the best alternative for the extra torrent. The pirate bay is without a doubt the top website for torrenting. Operational since 2003, this website has created the base for the other torrenting website which followed its path to make peer-to-peer file sharing easy for the users around the world. You can find all the content related to movies, books, software, music etc. on this website. The website also has a lot of proxy websites which you can use as per your location. Using the proxy website make it easier for the users to access the content on this website especially where the main domain is blocked.

3. YTS.am/YIFY

This website was started as YIFY which used to offer high-quality content on a range of torrent websites. As the time passed by, the group realized how popular they got and launched their own website by the name YTS. The site has been using different extensions since its launch to avoid law enforcement agencies. It has attracted a lot of bad press because of the anti-piracy lawsuits filed against the website in New Zealand. However, the bad media didn’t affect the loyalty of the users and it still remains one of the most popular websites for torrents. You can find high-quality music, movies, and virus free software on the website. This can be considered as best extratorrent cc alternative website.

4. EZTV.ag

It is yet another amazing alternative for extratorrent, especially if you love watching TV series. It is a simple and straightforward torrent website that only offers torrents for TV series from around the world. There is a list of series on the home page which you can scroll to find the updates for the same day. It also has categorized the niche of the TV series to make it easier for the users to find the best possible content. Most of the episodes are available in two formats high quality and mid-quality so that the users with high and low bandwidth can use the website and its content without any hiccups.

5. 1337x

It is currently the third most popular torrent website around the world which is still operational. The website uses the BitTorrent client to allow the file sharing from peer-to-peer. It has changed the domain name to avoid search ban from Google. At present, it is using .to extension as the main site. Alternatively, when the main site is down it also uses .se extension. The website has content related to movies, TV series and music mainly. You can also find books and software on this website.

6. Isohunt.to

It is yet great torrent website which appeared after the main domain was shut down. The IsoHunt.to was closed in 2013 when it was asked to pay $110 million in damage to MPAA. The site offers a range of torrents including movies, games, anime, software, and TV series. The new domain also claims to be going underground and asks the users to download its binary channel. The main reason that the site is giving for its shut down is the legal problems it is facing.


This website was founded in 2008. It uses the BitTorrent protocol to allow peer-to-peer connections. The website is blocked in many countries including the UK, Australia, and many others. You can, however, use VPN to bypass the restrictions and use the content safely. The website offers a wide range of content including movies, music and much more.

8. Torrentz2.eu

It is the clone of the torrent search engine that is used to operate by the name Torrentz. After some legal issues the main website was shut down all of a sudden a couple of years back. The clone then emerged offering the similar services. It is one of the best alternatives to extra torrents movies.

9. kickasstorrents.to / Tor-cr.net / katcr.co

As of 2016, the website went offline officially but there are a number of proxy websites or clones that are still operating perfectly. You can check the domain with .to extension or karcr.co to access the content without any much hassle. kickass kat offers high-quality movies, music, software, and other content.

10. Torrenthounds.com

It is another website that is planning to go underground and will offer the binary channel to access its content. It is currently one of the most popular torrent websites that are still using .com extension for its operations which is a big deal in the torrenting world. This website is very similar to extratorrents.cc.

Extratorrents Unblock With Extratorrent Proxy Complete List Compiled

Here are the list of websites to unblock extratorrents, extratorrents proxy will unblock extratorrent in your country without any kind of VPN or software usage. Check the list below.


Torrenting has been evolving since its launch. A lot of new players entered the market and the main reason it got bad mouth is that of the piracy content being shared between users. A lot of torrent websites stopped its operations after legal problems and many changed their extensions. Currently, the 10 websites mentioned above are operating worldwide and often change the extension to bypass law enforcement agencies.

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