Ezgif – Best Ez Gif Editor Alternatives & Similar Sites 2018


Ezgif maker is online where you can create and customize the GIFs. The online platform is a brilliant way in which you can edit these GIFs. All you have to do is just upload the GIFs, a stream of pictures or anything like that and start to use the tools. The GUI of the ez gif is also great. They are easy to use and pretty good to share. All these features make ezgif crop a great application to handle the GIFs.

Ezgif – Best Ez Gif Editor Alternatives & Similar Sites 2018-min

Though the application appears to be the brilliant but still, it needs some modification. Apart from it has everything, the application needs a lot of things which needs to improve. Life is too short to wait for this. There are a lot of alternatives to the ezgif resize which are a way too better. These platforms provide you with the flexibility to do anything with the tools. So pack your bags and take a tour of the best of the applications in GIF editing.

List Of Top Sites Similar To Ezgif Maker in 2018

1. Gifs


Want to create great gifs in the browser itself? Presenting the gifs for you. The platform is great for editing the Gifs. The editing tools are efficient and you would be able to edit and get the best out of the Gifs. Moreover, with the help of different tools and techniques, you would be able to edit the gifs and create your own. You can use the created gifs on different platforms.

These platforms can include the messaging, social media platforms and the other platforms where these could be implemented. You can use them as per your need and put them in any of the categories.

The GUI of the application is a way too brilliant so that you can create the best applications that you want. This is why the platform is better than the ez gif editor.

Visit URL : https://gifs.com/

2. GIF resizer

gif resizer-min

Don’t let its name fool you. The website just not do the resizing but is also used for the editing and the other purposes. The aim of the tool is simple. It wants you to be able to edit gifs, by your own. Moreover, the tool is full of tools.

The tool has a great interface which can be used to edit the pictures to create the gifs. The GUI of the tool is also brilliant. You can resize, recreate, crop and edit the gifs on the go. The reason behind this is the beautiful GUI that the tool has. You would understand everything even if you are the first time user.

The GIF resizer has kept things really simple so that you can make your favorite animated little clips on the go. Moreover, you can share these clips online on any platform that you want. You can share these gifs on the messengers and the other platforms.

Visit URL : http://gifmaker.me/resizer/

3. Automatic Gif Maker

gif maker-min

How about editing a GIF in a computer in your own way. The automatic GIF creator has got its own ways to edit and create the Gifs better than ez gif. The reason behind this is the amazing tools that the platform uses.

These tools are easy to use and you can add anything that you want to add in your Gifs. Be it plain text or the creative flashing font, the tool allows you to do anything that you want. Moreover, with the help of the automatic GIF creator, you can save the gif and later share it on the social media.

You can easily create different kinds of the gifs and that too of every category. What’s more in the box is that the tool is free to use. You don’t have to pay anything to use the tool for editing the gifs.

Visit URL : http://gifmaker.me/

4. YouTube gif creator


The tools let you turn any YouTube video in the gif. This is a way too brilliant idea than the ezgif. The Reason behind this is simple. When you turn the YouTube video on, the application gets active and you can start to edit the application, without any hassle.

You can edit the video by cropping, resizing, adding up the other streams of the images and much more. By this way you can create the best of the Gifs that you ever wanted. You can use these gifs on the variety of the platforms.

These platforms include the youtube, facebook, WhatsApp and all other platforms that you ever wanted. So what are you waiting for? Just tune to the youtube and start editing now.

Visit URL : http://gif.gifyoutube.com/



This is another brilliant platform to edit the gifs. DSCO is used to edit the gifs in a way that you get the uniqueness out of them. You can add everything that you want to add like the text, creative fonts, sparkling texts and much more.

This way you can get the best out of the application. Moreover, if you want to share these, you can do it hassle-free. There is no such barriers with the tool. Also there are brilliant ways by which the tools can act wonders.

It can help you compress the gifs, add the stream of the pictures or the videos in it, add different kind of the text into it, highlight it and much more.

You can play with every single frame that you want while the application works great. No matter what kind of gif that you want to create. You can do it with the help of the DSCO.

Visit URL : https://vsco.co/dsco/collection/1

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