Facebook Live : Best FB Livemap Alternatives & Similar Websites 2018


Facebook live is amazing. It lets you view the world from the different eye. It lets the people share what’s happening with them and much more. Whenever the word live comes, the people showing up in different locations come into our mind. The facebook live map also has an option of commenting so that you may know what others are thinking about you. All these features make Facebook, a great platform to share up different things. Though facebook live is great what you would need a facebook livemap to see who is live around you. You can get live and share what’s been happening in your life.

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A facebook map lets you see who is live around you so that you may see what they are sharing. This is all what live is about. With the help of the facebook live facebook live map you would be able to get through everything that the people are sharing. Here are some of the alternatives that you would love to have over the facebook livemap.

List Of Top Sites Similar To Facebook Live Map in 2018

1. Periscope


Perisocpe is an online platform that lets you see the world through the different eye. The application is a great alternative over the facebook live stream where you would be able to see the map on which you can see the people going live. Not just the different people but even you would know how much among your friends are going live.

This is a great application by which You can see the different events going on around you. These events would be marked on the map so that you may see which one is of your interest. Just go through these events and you would know which one to join.

Visit URL : https://www.pscp.tv/

2. Snap Map for web

snap map-min

We all have heard about the snap chat where you chat through the pictures. The application allows you to post stories and share what you are doing with the help of the snaps and different features of the application. Taking this idea into consideration, the snap map for the web was created. The reason behind the application is simple, to know that who around you is getting indulged in which activity. The application is a different version of the snap chat which is made exclusively for the web.

You can see your friends sharing stories and see what are your friends up to for a limited amount of time. If your friends are okay with sharing the info, then you would get the live location of your friends to indulge yourself in their life virtually. It is a free tool for everyone. So take this as an alternative over facebook live video.

Visit URL : https://map.snapchat.com/

3. Hype


If you love the live feature of the facebook, then Hype is truly made for you. You just have to sign up and you would be able to broadcast yourself. You can add up friends and make your broadcasting public so that anyone around the world can see what you are up to. Not just yourself, but you would also be able to see your friends and their part of the stories. The stories would be visible for the time, your friends have posted them. So live with them virtually and share the special bond with hype. So if you are bored with the facebooklive then it’s the right time to move yourself to the hype.

Get It On Google Play

4. Instant Map chat

instant map chat-min

You must have heard about the people chatting in the chatrooms, adding up friends on facebook, rolling all over Whatsapp and other instant messengers but this one would be a new experience for you. With instant map chat, you would be able to see the people live around you.

You can explore new friends with the help of this map. Click on anyone and send him or her friend request. Chat with them and get to know the new people better. You can also do the same once you are done with making a new account.

Visit URL : http://round.io/

5. NomadCast


Nomadcast is a one-stop broadcasting solution. With the help of the nomadcast, you can get live onto the different platforms. Whether it be the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or anything else, the tool helps you to get live over them. Not just this, the tool also lets you to see others going live.

You would be able to see your friends and family members who you link through the application. The idea behind the application was to provide the people just one single platform where they can share their thoughts and publish it on the different platforms.

Visit URL : https://www.nomadcast.com/

6. Live.ly


The application is a great companion if you love music.ly. The application lets you view others and broadcast yourself on the media. The application has a great GUI that you would love to see the stories all around the world. Moreover, the application is light on your mobile phone. All you have to do is just link the application on your mobile phone and you are all set to go.

Visit URL : http://live.ly/

7. Look

Look is another great option over the Facebook live. Look lets you to view the world with the help of another person. Broadcast yourself, ask people to accept your request and make new friends on the go. Look also lets you to share your own stories on different platforms. While you are there to look at other people’s profile, you can directly indulge in their life. So install look, and start seeing the world lively.

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