Giphy – Best Gif Maker Alternatives And Similar Sites 2018


Giphy is an online platform which gives you all types of the GIFs that you want to have. No matter what your mood is, the tool is ready to give you the GIFs readily. giphy capture has a huge category of the GIFs, which makes it much efficient to provide you with the Gifs of every type. You don’t have to do anything but search for the GIF. giphy maker provides with the animated, normal and all other GIFs that you can find.

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Since giphy API has started catching up with the popularity, the tool has started to face the problems. The solution to these problems is simply switching onto the other websites. These websites are similar to the giphy app. The GUI is amazing and you would feel like the home while operating these applications. So switch to the applications now and feel the real difference and the convenience, while playing with the GIFs.

1. Gifmuse


The first one in the list sounds like the great contender of the giphy images. The gifmuse is the one-stop solution for all your GIFs. The website has brilliant GIFs from many categories like the giphy gif creator. Moreover, the designers and the artists on the website are great. They create the GIFs in the way that you get the most out of the animated GIFs.

The GIFs are beautifully created with the help of the art. There are genuine GIFs and there is not at all a problem with the formats. If you are looking for the GIFs online then you should surely pay a visit to the Gifmuse.

Visit URL : http://gifmuse.io/

2. GIF Mood Board

gif mood board buffer-min

What is better than posting the GIUFs on the social media as per your mood? This is what you can do with the GIF Mood Board. You can simply switch to the website for all your social media needs. A great alternative over the giphy gif maker, the website is truly amazing if you are looking for the GIFs.

The website provides you with the amazing GIFs just on the go. Be it the GIF of any of the kind the website would provide you the same. The website has a huge amount of the GIFs present on it. The GUI of the website is great and it’s really easy to find the GIFs of your type.

When you use the website for the first time, you would find that the website has a search box. You can type anything that you want in the search box and your job would be all done.

Visit URL : https://buffer.com/gifs-for-social-media

3. Giphy Cam

giphy cam-min

What can be cooler than the fact that you can create your own GIFs? Nothing, right? This is what the Giphy cam let you do. The giphy cam allows you to create your own giphy cam images. This is because the website has an amazing UI.

The UI of the website helps the person to understand the things better and makes it easy and convenient for him to design and draw. This is where you can create your own GIFs but how about the other ones?

The website has thousands of the GIFs as before too. Giphy cam has everything that you can ask for. Variety, designs, usability and more.

Get It On Google Play

4. GIFs


GIFs are something that you would consider the most when you want to use the GIFs from the different platforms. You can use the GIFs from the Reddit, messages and almost every place you know. There is a way too lot GIFs on the GIFs. You can find GIFs from every single category you know.

You just have to find them typing their name. The GUI of the GIFs is also great. At first, you need to install it and then you can use it by simply typing the name of the GUI with no hassle.

Visit URL : https://gifs.com/

5. Gifyt


Gifyt is an online platform where you can find all your gifs all at once. The website has a huge collection of these animayted moving pictures. The artists and the creators of these GIFs are amazing.

They have created these GIFs in a way that they are perfect and precise. Best for every use, these GIFs set a whole new way you present your content. No matter if you want to represent anger or love, you can do anything with these GIFs.

So in that case you need not download the GIFs from here and there, Gifyt is a one-stop solution for all your GIF needs.

Visit URL : http://gif.gifyoutube.com/

6. Demoji

demoji pro-min

This lets you get the more out of the GIFs. A great implementation of the GIFs, Demoji lets you to build your own emojis, now beat that. The platform just not allows you to create these Demojis, but also helps you to share this with your friends. You can use this created emojis over facebook, WhatsApp and other chats.

Imagine a big emoji laughing in front of you as you have created that. This is the reason that the Demoji is such a great alternative to the giphy. Also, there is a huge database of the GIFs itself. All you have to do is just type the name and the GIF would appear all by itself.

Visit URL : http://demoji.pro/

So are the websites that you can choose over anything for the GIFs. So no need to search here and there and express yourself away right from the keyboard itself. So go ahead and download the GIFs now.

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