How to Add a Simple User Ranking System for WordPress Comments


Do you want to increase user engagement on your site? Gamification has been a proven method to boost engagement. Recently one of our readers asked us for an easy way to add a user ranking system for WordPress comments. This idea is borrowed from online forums where users get special ranks based on the number of replies they post. In this article, we will show you how to add a simple user ranking system for WordPress comments.

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First thing you need to do is install and activate the Simple User Rank Comments plugin. After activating the plugin, you need to go to Comments » All Ranks to modify and create new user ranks.

Create user ranks based on number of comments by a user in WordPress

Start by checking the box next to auto display comment rank box. This plugin will automatically display user rank next to each user’s name in comments posted by them. By default the plugin comes with two user ranks: Reader and Commentator. You can create your own user ranks and add number of comments required to reach that rank. There is no limit to the number of ranks that you can create.

Once you have added ranks, you need to click on the Save Changes button to store your settings. Visit a post or page with comments on your site to see it in action.

If you are running a successful website, there is a chance that users in your online community may start leaving meaningless and useless comments just to get ranks. To discourage this behavior, you can enable users to report inappropriate comments. You can also feature good comments and bury useless comments in WordPress.

We hope this article helped you boost discussions on your WordPress site by adding a user ranking system for comments. Let us know how you encourage your readers to leave comments?

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