How to Get Facebook Insights for Your WordPress Site


More than 10,000 new websites integrate with Facebook every day by using one of their social plugins. However most sites that we see are not taking full advantage of what facebook has to offer. Were you aware of the fact that you can get facebook insights for your WordPress site? These insights include data such as your most popular pages for the like button, send button, organic shares, comment box etc. It also includes information like who is your demographic audience on facebook, their age, gender, country etc. If you were not, then don’t be surprised because you are not alone. We checked some of the industry leaders’ websites including Chris Brogan, Brian Clark, Darren Rowse, John Chow, and Jeremy Schoemaker (aka Shoemoney) and none of their sites were taking advantage of Facebook insights either. In this article, we will show you how to get facebook insights for your WordPress site, so you can take full advantage of what facebook has to offer.

First you need to install and activate the WordPress SEO plugin. It is one of the most downloaded WordPress plugins. Chances are that you already have it installed, but if you don’t then we have detailed instructions on how to install and setup WordPress SEO plugin.

After you have setup the plugin correctly, your site is now ready for Facebook. You need to simply visit SEO » Social page and click on the Facebook tab.

Facebook Insights Admin

Now you need to click on ‘Add Facebook Admin’ button. This will take you to the Facebook website. If you are not signed in, then you need to sign in with the Facebook account that you want to add as admin. After that you will be redirected back to your WordPress site, where you will see the username added as the admin.

Facebook insights admin user added to WordPress SEO

Next thing you need to do is make sure that you are using the CORRECT version of the facebook like button. Many sites just utilize the iframe version of the facebook like button. While that works, it will not let you get facebook insights. You need to use the XFBML method shown in this post.

Last step that you need to do is claim your site on Facebook. You need to visit the Facebook Insights Page. Under your pages, look for the Add Domain button.

Adding your domain to Facebook Insights

When you click on that green button, a lightbox will appear like the image below. Enter your domain name and make sure you link it with “YOU”.

Facebook Insights for your Site Setup

Now when you visit the facebook insights page, you will see your website listed under Websites.

Facebook Insights for Websites

Once you click on your site, you will be able to access all sort of insights. An example image is below:

Facebook Insights Screenshot

There you have it. Now you can easily get Facebook insights for your WordPress site. For more detailed instructions, you may also want to check our tutorial on how to add Facebook open graph meta data in WordPress.

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