How to Get Free Redbox Codes : Free Redbox Promo Codes (Guide)

Free Redbox Promo Codes (Guide)


Redbox is one of the best places to rent movies and games. There are kiosks from where you can pick up and drop off the videos. Redbox was started in the year 2004. Redbox offers video rental services at a very low price. The reason is there are not many companies left who offer video renting services so, for those who still use DVD and Blu-ray players, Redbox is a bet lace to rent movies and games.

Redbox charges are very low but if you don’t want to spend that too, you can use the Redbox codes. These codes can help you to get one movie or game free for one night.

So if you are looking for free Redbox codes then follow the below steps:

7 Methods To Get Free Redbox Promo Codes

  1. Sign up and get Promo Codes for Redbox

The first thing you can do to get Redbox Free Codes is, just sign up to the website for their emails. When you sign up and confirm your email, you can get a promo code and using this, you can get one movie free for one night. Codes that you will get with this method will be hundred percent working as these are directly from the Redbox.

You can use multiple email addresses to get more than one promo code. All you need is just link a card to your account and within a few minutes after signing up, you will receive a promo code.

  1. Download the App to Get Redbox Free Codes

The 2nd method that you can do to get Redbox Promo Codes is that just download the app of Redbox on your smartphone. You will get a free code within a few hours after downloading the app. You can download this app from Google Play Store if you have an Android phone or from the Apple Store if you have an iPhone.

This app is very helpful for you as you don’t need to go out to check all the kiosks for your movie. From the app, you can find the kiosks from where you can rent the movie you are looking for. Moreover, you can reserve your favorite video online from the app, so that when you go there, it is available for you to pick up.

Get The Redbox App On Google Play

& Itunes Here

  1. Redbox Text Club

This is one of the easiest ways to get Redbox Codes. This text club is a group of members who want to get codes on their mobile phones. If you want to be a member of this group, just type REDBOX and send it to 727272 from your phone and you will start getting special deals and promo codes to your mobile. There is no specific day when you will get promo codes. All these are sent randomly. Most of the codes have conditions like you have to use them on the same day or within 2 or 3 days. After that, they will expire. So, be a member of this text club and have an opportunity to get free movies once in a week or month.

  1. Follow Redbox on Social Media

Redbox has a page on Facebook and you can like their page. When you do so, you will be able to know the latest discounts and offers. There can be some offers or promo codes that will expire soon or are for limited users. So, if you follow them on Facebook, you will one of the first to know about such offers and codes. Moreover, other methods required to sign up to get codes but when you don’t want to do so, this method is best for you.

Along with Facebook, you can also follow Redbox on Twitter and Instagram as Redbox share the promo codes there too. Just enable the push notifications for Redbox on these platforms and you can get the latest offers and codes easily.

  1. Join Redbox Playpass

Playpass is a reward program from Redbox. When you join this you will get many chances to get Redbox rental codes. You can receive your first Redbox free movie code when you sign up there and you need to use this code within 60 days. This reward program can also get you one free movie when you reach 100 points. For every movie that you will get on rent, you will earn 10 points and on reaching 100 points, you can get a free video. Also, when you join this program, you will get one Redbox free game rental code or movie rental code per year on your birthday.

  1. Get a Free Code on Reserving online

If you are new to Redbox, then this is the best method for you to get Redbox free movie code. First, create an account on the Redbox and reserve a movie online. After that go and pick it up from the Kiosk. For this movie, you need to pay and when you will return this, a free credit will be applied to your account that can be used to get your next movie for free.

  1. Location Specific Codes

Sometimes there are some codes that you can find at the place where Redbox kiosk is located. So, when you are at such places like fast food restaurants, grocery stores or convenience stores, keep an eye on the flyers and receipts as you can get some special offers on movie rentals.

Free Redbox Codes (Note : These Codes May Not Work In Some Cities)

  • REDBOX (new customers only)
  • Text GAMEKIDS to 727272 for a free 1-day video game rental

How to Use Redbox Promo Codes

When you get Redbox codes, do check the information like where you can use them as some can only be used online and others can be used only at the kiosk. To use promo code at the kiosk, just click on the “Rent with a Promo Code” button during checkout. You can find this button at the lower left screen corner. Now, enter your promo code to get a movie free.

So, these are the ways that can help you to get free Redbox codes to rent movies or games for free. Just follow all these methods and get all the latest movies or games free for one night. Remember that most of the codes are valid for one night only, so do return the rented movie as you will be charged if not returned on time.

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