How to Make Separate RSS Feed for Each Category in WordPress


Often times bloggers wonder how to make separate RSS feed for their category. Because sometimes your user only visits your website for the design category, but you have ten other categories that the user is not interested in. How can you offer them a separate RSS Feed. In this tutorial, we will show you how you can do that.

Technically you don’t have to do anything.

Lets say you like WPBeginner’s Showcase Category and want to subscribe to it. The category URL is:


You simply need to add the word feed infront of it like this


So if you let your users know that, then you can give them an opportunity to subscribe to it. You can specifically ask your designers to add this in the theme when users open category pages, they can subscribe to the category itself.

Now there is another code that will help you letting your users subscribe to separate RSS by letting them know they can. You can’t manually email your readers and ask them to do this. Instead what you can do is use this code:

<?php wp_list_categories(‘feed_image=/image.gif&feed=XML Feed&optioncount=1&children=0’); ?>

Now you must change the url to the feedimage because it will display an RSS Icon next to your category list. You can paste this code in your sidebar where you have the category code.

Now you can have separate RSS feed for each category in WordPress.

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