How To Select The Best Bluetooth Car Stereo [Buying Guide]


Got an old car? Do you get bored while driving? Do you prefer good music and treat to ears most of the times? Want to convert your old car into a new one or have you bought a new car and want the best accessories for it? If you have come till here you are already at the right place.

For a car a good Bluetooth stereo system will not only give you a good interior or a great music system or integrate modern trends in digital system but it will also make listening to music on driving much simpler or compatible and more pleasant. If you are again and again going and out of the car or vehicle, then it is very much not possible to be aware of how incredible the wireless connection of a stereo would do to your life until you actually try an implement it. Here in this article we will talk about the best Bluetooth car stereo.

In general, it is actually very annoying to every time attach your device through a 3.5 mm jack wire, to listen to your favourite song. And you can save yourself by attaching a good Bluetooth stereo to your vehicle. Therefore, a Bluetooth stereo would definitely change your driving experience in a very positive way and will enhance your music experience.

In this article we will talk about the best Bluetooth car stereo and we will show you some basic information and we will also pick up a couple of products that will show you the latest change in digital and audio technology.

Some of the best Bluetooth car stereos are given below:

  1. Pioneer MVH-X380BT Digital Media Receiver with Short Chassis Design and Bluetooth
  2. Kenwood DPX502BT Double-Din CD Receiver with USB Interface & Bluetooth
  3. BOSS AUDIO 508UAB Single-DIN CD-MP3 Player Receiver, Bluetooth, Wireless Remote
  4. Sony MEXN5100BT Car Stereo Receiver with Bluetooth, NFC and App Remote
  5. Pioneer DEH-X4900BT Vehicle CD Digital Music Player Receivers, Black

Which Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Bluetooth Car Stereo​? 

  1. Audio Sources:

Audio source and quality is one of the main feature and factor that you need to take into consideration.
Do you want to use and enjoy a DVD receiver for playback while parking? Does your card need to have a CD player or a digital best Bluetooth stereo for car? Have you used digital media or wireless instead of discs?

Depending on the answers of the above questions you can decide that if you want:

  • A receiver with all moving elements
  • A bigger A/V receiver designed with colour screen
  • A standard CD receiver made with place for the discs

Therefore, always ensure that before buying any Bluetooth car stereo or a new receiver of your car, it would at least provide a USB port for AAC, MP3 or a WMA playback.

  1. Smartphone and Application Integration:

First of all, you should take care of the badge or should look at the badge to find any words “Made with iPhone” to ensure its quality and to make sure that it would provide better connection when connected with an iPhone or iPad.

For good smartphone brands such as blackberry, Windows phone and android, you don’t have to find any badge. Instead, you should take advantage of the mentioned auxiliary input above the easiest connection or go for a Bluetooth receiver which applies A2DP Bluetooth technology to stream audio with a good wireless connection. This is a good way to select a good Bluetooth car stereo.

  1. Satellite and local Radio:

These days most Bluetooth car stereos are equipped with a FM or a AM radio, that will help you connect to the signals of the local radio stations. But if you are buying a Bluetooth car stereo you might want a bigger improvement on that and not just a FM or an AM radio.

Therefore, going for a stereo with integrated High Definition Radio decoding would significantly enhance the quality of the audio from your local radio station in digital format and give you an option to switch to radio whenever you want to and listen to good music on a good system.

  1. Navigation and GPS:

A good Bluetooth car stereo can do many tasks apart from just playing good music. Some of the good models can actually guide you through the too your exact location with GPS technology. It can be very useful as it is very dangerous to search location on your smartphone while you are driving. And that’s how it is more easy and safe and convenient to search your location on your stereo and that type of map can be upgraded through a detachable SD card.

However, good navigation applications on a smartphone such as google maps or Waze or Scout can provide a user with more accurate and up to date maps, voice command and latest traffic data. But that can be connected to your Bluetooth car stereo and can be very useful while driving.

  1. Physical control and Dimension:

There are two types of DIN that includes receivers with single DIN and receivers with double DIN. With the wish list of audio source locked in, what you would need to consider the interface and physical dimension of the receiver. In general, it means that you have to choose between the receivers with single or double DIN.

​A single DIN receiver often takes up less space and fits in more designs of dash, while a model with double DIN usually occupies more space and has a touch-sensitive display. If you want to have app mirroring, GPS navigation and DVD playback for your stereo, the double DIN device would be a suitable choice.

  1. Source of Power:

There are two ways in which the amplifier can state the power. One being the RMS and other being the peak power. The peak power is often determined in W, is the greatest amount of energy that an amplifier would be able to generate. If you already and often listen to music on maximum volume than you can ignore this factor.


Hence after reading all these factors you may decide the best one for you. Just remember the first two factors are considered important because they are the main two parts of the technology that may be upgraded in the future. There will be new apps that will stimulate effects in your stereo. According to the scenery outside songs will be stimulated.

Hence the smartphone part is really an important consideration. There will be great advancement in the audio technology like the tempo will be adjusted according to speed of the car or maybe the effects will be triggered according to the road conditions and driving style. So this was all about best bluetooth car stereo. If you like this blog then do share with friend and family.

Thank you for reading.

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