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Icefilms is an online platform to watch all the amazing movies and the TV shows online for free. The website has all the facilities that would make you fall in love with it. The platform is a way too popular for its online movie streaming and TV shows. It is smooth, easy to operate and with a lot of categories, you can easily search for your movies. Things are easier with the online +-video player. You don’t have to go here and there looking for playing the TV shows. Everything is present in HD so that you can enjoy your stuff to the maximum. Due to these facts, everyone loves ice films.

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Ice films are great but the website has a lot of flaws. Because of these reasons, one has to switch to the sites like icefilms for the better experience. These websites are alike icefilms but are better than that. You would only find the additional features and more of the stuff like that. Here we have presented such websites. These websites are free of cost to stream and once you join them, you stream on one of them, you wouldn’t get back to the icefilms.

Best Alternatives To Icefilms You should check

1. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is amazing. The website helps you to provide the best of the content for the movies and the TV shows. Fast streaming? Not a problem with the popcornflix. The reason is simple. The popcornflix helps you to stream faster as it provides its viewers with the unlimited bandwidth. The website’s GUI is amazing. You would love to scroll through the movies and the TV shows.

Alike icefilms info, the website has an inbuilt media player. This media player is beneficial for the number of reasons. At first, it helps you to watch everything on the go. Secondly, you can choose from the quality of the streaming.

Just simply save them onto your mobile phone or the laptop. Wait? Did you hear the mobile phone? Yes, the website also comes in the flavor of the application that you can download over your ios or android mobile.

2. Moviesnshows.net

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How about another quality website for the movie stuff? Here is moviesnshows.net. The website is brilliant when it comes to the TV shows and movies streaming. Once you click on the movie, you would see every single detail from the language to the IMDB rating. But wait! There are subtitles too.

You can toggle through the subtitles and that too by viewing everything online. The only fact that can make you down is that the streaming is paid. But the benefits of the websites take over this fact. There are HD movies and the TV shows present onto the website. So you can stream everything at a quality that you would love. So switch from icefilms.info and catch all the fun.

3. Hulu


One of the most popular platforms to view content online, Hulu has huge categories and everything sorted in a way so that you don’t have to put many efforts to search for the things.

This huge collection contains all the old classics, the new shows, and the other releases. You would also see all the new suggestions on the homepage. These suggestions are purely on the basis of the watch experience of the people. There is a search box which is powered by a powerful search engine.

But on the same side, it also shows you great content. So why not leave icefilms.info for a while and switch to Hulu?


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The powerhouse of the movies and TV shows has got a brilliant database where you would find every movie that you can’t find online. Well, this is due to the fact that it has been 10 years since the website was founded.

The GUI of the website is pretty brilliant and you can find everything at an ease. Taking things further, the stream speed of these torrents is amazing. In no time, you would be able to stream through whatever you want.

5. Torrentproject

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Want to hear about the movie search engine? Well here is torrentproject. It’s not like the other painful projects that you have gone through but this one provides you with the movie pleasure. You can browse through hundreds of torrents and select the one that suits you the most.

Download these torrents with the help of the external client and you can have that ultimate fun. So why not switch from icefilms.info and have all the fun that you want to have with your favorite movies.

  1. Torrentz

As the name says, torrentz is a platform where you can find the torrents related to the movies and the TV shows. A great alternative to the icefilms torrentz provides you with the alternatives. You would get a list of the torrents from 32 domains.

The website itself has a lot of suggestions, options, and links to the external sources where you can find the movies of your choice. Apart from that, the website also has a great GUI so that you can easily be redirected to the useful links. Nothing could get better than this while looking for the right links.

  1. Netflix

World’s most popular platform to watch the movies and the TV shows, Netflix has everything. It provides you with a huge number of TV shows and movies from various genres.

The only issue with the Netflix is that it is not free. You would have to take a subscription over the moderate rates. Apart from this thing, the platform is brilliant when it comes to the online streaming.  No matter whatever TV show or the movie you choose, you would find everything in an HD quality.

So switch from the icefilms and entertain yourself with the services of the Netflix.

Link:- https://www.netflix.com/

  1. Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle is another platform which allows you to view the TV shows and movies for free. You can stream through many categories and the hundreds of the TV shows and the movies online.

Unlike the torrent websites, the application doesn’t push yourself towards seeing the torrents but has the content of its own. You can watch the content and even download it for free. The application also has an inbuilt media player where you can go and watch the movies that you like. So why stick to the old platforms when you can get the whole lot of fun on Crackle.

  1. 123movies

123movies is something you can rely upon when you eagerly want to watch content in HD. The website is a freeway to a huge number of the categories and the media related to it.

You can stream and download online without any hesitation. The website also has an inbuilt player where you can play anything you want. The website even provides you all the information about the movies that you want to see.

The things do not stop here. Watch out everything at a great stream speed and thank us later.

Link:- https://www6.0123movies.com/

  1. AZMovies

AZMovies is a platform where you can go and stream through thousands of free movies for free. The platform is similar to the icefilms in a number of ways. However, you can expect a lot more than the icefilms.

AZMovies follows a simple rule that whatever content it provides to you, that should be perfect. So the website has everything present in HD and in no time, you can stream through these movies with the help of the inbuilt player. So why not try it today?

Link:- https://azmovies.xyz/?utm_campaign=free-traffic

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