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Instagram has been around since 2010 and both its website and application(s) have seen major changes since then. Not to mention that it was bought by Facebook in 2012. Although it can be argued that Facebook has more features than Instagram, having and owning both platforms is a little superfluous. What makes Instagram so appealing is its simplicity and ease of use.

You have less of a chance to get distracted on Instagram because it specializes in two main features – the ability to share pictures and the ability to share videos in a sandbox-like environment. The text and captions are secondary. Because Instagram embeds their pictures and videos, they make it nearly impossible to download them. Most users just take screenshots and record their screens. There are more efficient ways of downloading Instagram videos and photos. In this list, we’ll cover online tools because most of them are platform independent.

  1. SaveFromWeb.Com

Savefromweb has a beautiful and slick design. It has a truly welcoming website design. The controls are well placed. You can use it to download videos, entire Instagram albums, a specific photo, profile pictures or stories. Each option is separated by a section of the website that can be accessed by the headers on the main page. For instance, if you would like to download Instagram photos, just click on the Photo header and you’ll be taken to that part of the website.

All you need in order to download a picture or video is a link to those items, paste them in the bar and click on the download button. The website will handle the rest for you.

Visit Savefromweb Here

  1. Forhub

Forhub claims to be the official Instagram video downloader online. We’re not sure if this statement is correct, however, we do know that it works well for downloading both Instagram images and videos. The interface isn’t as clean as SaveFromWeb’s but this doesn’t make it particularly hard to look at.

It’s easy to use, but instructions and FAQs are still well illustrated on the website. If you’re looking for an alternative for SaveFrom, you won’t go wrong by using this online application.

Visit Forhub Here

  1. DownloadGram

DownloadGram is one of the most popular entries on this list. You can probably attribute this to its simple design. The website’s home screen consists of nothing but a logo, text field, a button, and a moving background image. It has won its entry into this list because of its dead simple but gorgeous website design.

Visit Downloadgram Here

  1. InstaSave

InstaSave is another well-known Instagram video and photo downloader. Most people know it generally as an Android and iOS app but it actually has a website too. The web application is optimized for Android phones so it may not render well on your Desktop’s web browser. It works like any other standard Instagram downloader.

Copy your link, paste into the main text field and simply click on the download button. If you need an online Instagram Downloader for your mobile device, InstaSave should be your definite go to.

Visit Instasave Here

  1. GramSave

What sets GramSave apart from the other entries on this list is its periphery features. Not only does it allow you to download tags, caption, private videos, and images as well as Instagram captions. The website also comes in a litany of languages.

Underneath the download button and URL bar, you’ll find a comprehensive guide on how to use the website. GramSave earns its spot as one of the best Instagram downloaders because of its advanced features.

Visit Gramsave Here

  1. WeynStag

Do you need to download Instagram photos and/or videos without downloading and running an application? Well with WeynSteg, you can and it’s all completely free. Since web applications are platform independent, WeynSteg allows you to download videos from Instagram using any device that has a web browser.

Although it’s easy to use, its instructions are still well highlighted and documented on the website. It also allows you to download and view Instagram Stories.

Visit Weynsteg Here

  1. Dinsta

If you’re looking for an application or website that does nothing else but download Instagram pictures, we recommend Dinsta. Dinsta is a simple Instagram picture downloader that works for PCs, Macs, and phones. All you need to do is copy the Instagram picture URL, paste it into the textbox and click on the Go button.

The website also comes with a help guide just in case you need help with any of the instructions. So if you’re looking for a quick Instagram photo downloader.

Visit Dinsta Here

  1. Insta-Downloader.net

Insta-Downloader.Net comes with a host of tools that allow you to download Instagram photos and videos. Insta-Downloader cleverly compartmentalizes each section of its site, making it look like each feature has a website of its own. It gives you a section specifically made for downloading Instagram photos, another made for downloading videos and one more for downloading profile photos.

You can also download entire Instagram photo albums. It also comes with a Chrome extension that you can install so you don’t have to access the site directly. Do not let its spot on the list fool you. This web application comes highly recommended.

Visit Insta-downloader Here

  1. DownloadInstagramVideos.net

DownloadInstagramVideos.net comes from the same family of web applications as GetFbStuff. As a matter of fact, you can access it from the GetFbStuff website. It works the very same way as any other application in the family tree. Copy the Instagram video URL from your web browser’s URL bar and then paste it into the input text field before clicking on “Download Instagram video” underneath it.

It should be noted that this application will only work for Instagram videos. Another great feature is you can download both private and public Instagram videos.

Visit Downloadinstagramvideos Here

  1. SaveDeo

SaveDeo is another web application that makes downloading Instagram videos super easy. All you have to do is copy the Instagram video URL and paste it into the text field. Then click download. SaveDeo also works for Youtube, Facebook, and Vimeo videos. So if you’re looking for a diverse and versatile video-downloader, look no further. Just like the ninth entry on this list, it should be noted that SaveDeo is strictly for videos.

Visit Savedeo Here

Final Word

Before you download someone’s Instagram photos and/or videos, you should at least notify them out of courtesy. Don’t be a creep. Otherwise, we hope that you’ve found this list useful. As always, share it with your friends and family. I’m sure they like Instagram too and would like to know how to easily download Instagram pictures and videos for free. Thank you for reading.

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