IRCTC : Best Alternatives And Similar Sites 2018


Many times you can find yourself stuck while booking a rail ticket in India. Meanwhile, irctc next-generation claims that the website is extremely reliable for all those rail tickets booking, you still might not be able to book the rail tickets through the platform. In that case, all you are left with is the alternatives of it. Obviously, you wouldn’t replan your journey for that.

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You need not look for any other means of transportation if you are unable to book the train tickets through irctc booking. But before that let us understand why the irctc goes unresponsive many times. Indian railways are expanding by an exponential graph and so does their website. Every day, the website has to be rescheduled due to the delayed rails, and other problems. Also, since everyone has the excess to book through this online platform now, the servers get overloaded with the stress. In this case, it becomes a necessity to look for the other platforms.
Even the understands this concern and this is why it has given the access to book these train tickets to the other platform which deserve it. By this way, you can get your desired trains and the irctc can maintain a balance between the crowd and the responsiveness of the website.

But how would you come to know about these other platforms? Well, apart from the irctc Indian railway, there are a lot of platforms which you can use to book the rail tickets. We have listed some of them for your convenience. So at times, you want to book tatkal tickets and found yourself stuck, you can rely on these sites.

There is just not a single platform as a backup support but a plenty of platforms which will serve you a better way. The following platforms book your rail tickets without getting much in your personal life. They would simply ask you the information which is required by the and IRCTC has also set a rule book for this thing. So don’t worry, all your information would be safe with the platform.

5 Best Alternative And Similar Sites to IRCTC Indian Railways Ticket Booking


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The first platform which is a great alternative to the is the Rail ticket online. The platform works brilliantly when it comes to online rail bookings. You can book the train ticket at any time you want. Just the website is closed at the time the irctc is shut down because of the maintenance work at the midnight.
The website provides you with the variety of services. These services just not include the online ticket bookings powered by the Indian Railways but also you would be able to check your PNR status of the train.

You would no longer complain about the hanging and unavailable services as the website uses the fast private servers for the service. Not just this, you would get the service as you get in the irctc. For an example, if your money is debited and your ticket is not booked, you would get the return like you to get back onto the irctc ticket booking. So go on and book the train tickets flawlessly.

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2. Clear Trip


The website provides you with the same irctc account login. All you have to do is just to make an account to start with the things. The website started with the online flight tickets bookings but now also supports the services. In this way, you would be able to book the tickets with all the support of the irctc.
You can book the train tickets with the help of the simple GUI of the platform. The user interface of the website is a way too simpler than the irctc. Even you get the variety of the payment options like you to get on the irctc. By this way, you would be able to book the tickets with a better experience.

If you face any problem, then you can contact the website’s customer care. The website has a customer care service same as like the irctc train inquiry. So book the tickets with the clear trip and experience the best service of the Indian rail ticket booking at its best.

Book Ticket From Clear Trip

3. Make my trip

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Alike the Clear trip, make my trip is another platform which you can use to book your rail tickets. You do the irctc login and then book the tickets. The same goes here. All you have to do is just to log in and start with the tickets booking. Just search for the train, pay and confirm your tickets. Just as simple as that.

From the login to the payment page, everything on the website is same as the irctc so that you can get the flawless ticket bookings. Moreover, there are even other benefits of the platforms. One is that the website is even faster. Moreover, apart from the rail tickets, you also get the options to book flights, hotels and even more. So why not visit make my trip and give a try to the platform for the rail ticket booking?

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4. Yatra


An old website, yatra is known for its uninterrupted services in the tourism sector. So why not traveling. The website has some of the best performance when it comes to rail ticket bookings. From GUI to the final confirmation page, everything is a way too perfect then you can expect.

The GUI of the website is brilliant. You won’t have to find for the options to select the birth preference and the other like options. Everything is a way too simplified for flawless booking. Also, irctc can hang at the times of the bookings and you have to start over all again. This gets worse at the time of the tatkal bookings. This is not the case with the On yatra, you get the best services whether it is train bookings or any other service related to the tourism sector. So pack your bags while you can rely on the platform for the last minute booking.

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ezeego1-min, that is the name of the website on which you can rely for all your IRCTC train tickets bookings. Well, not just this, apart from the train tickets bookings you also get the other useful information on the platform. This includes the PNR status and the other available services that you get on the platform.

The website gets even better when it comes to the user interface and the other services options. You can contact customer care with no hassle at all. Just a call and all your booking related problems would be solved. However, this is the worst case which you hardly face on the platform.

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