Kimcartoon – Best Kim Cartoon Alternatives & Similar Sites 2018


KimCartoon is basically a website where you can watch a cartoon series, movies and also anime without any cost. Moreover, you don’t have to go for registration as well. Being an affiliate of ReadComicOnline, it is the best place where you can watch your favorite cartoons of a high quality. But, sometimes it does take time to load videos so there are many alternatives available for the same.

Kimcartoon – Best Kim Cartoon Alternatives & Similar Sites 2018

Here Are The List Of Best Kimcartoon Alternatives And Similar Sites 2018

Let us discuss the alternatives that are available to Kim Cartoon:

1. Hulu

hulu cartoons-min

Hulu is one of the alternatives available to KimCartoons. It is a video service that is on-demand and it allows you to stream through your popular TV shows. But, the problem is that it is only available in the U.S. and Japan.

The Walt Disney Company is its co-owner. Instead of focusing on movies or documentaries rather this focuses on streaming newer TV shows and its own original content.

In order to customize your experience of viewing it offers you with several paid subscription tiers.

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2. KissCartoon


KissCartoon is more or less similar to KimCartoon, it also allows to watch cartoons and anime for free of cost. This site also allows you to link KissAnime and KissAsian without even signing up. On this site, you will find that Cartoon series is always updated and also is categorized into various genres.

It used to be one of the popular ways to watch cartoons on the Kodi platform. However, the streams on this no longer work.

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3. WatchCartoonsOnline


If you really want that place wherein you can not only stream your favorite animations and cartoons, but also read comics then this is the right place. You can watch the cartoons as and when they become air on other paid sites.

Like kimcartoon rick and morty, WatchCartoonOnline lets you addon to watch all of King of the Hill on shuffle. Since on this site videos stream in YouTube style and so you get the chance to watch them or download them with the tools like IDM.

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4. Amazon Prime Video

amazon prime-min

Amazon prime video is a popular name, and has more than 100 million members in the whole world. This prime video basically gives you the access to stream videos, free shipping, Prime Day discounts and also a couple of other Amazon-specific services and deals that too just for around $119 in a year.

Taking prime membership is very beneficial and not only for free shipping and streaming services.

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5. cartoon-min

Stevenuniver is a specific website that is made for your favorite Cartoon network show kimcartoon steven universe. Since Steven Universe is cartoon network’s production and you might face difficulty trying to find a legitimate online streaming platform. Moreover, the other platforms are paid.

So, you can easily watch all the episodes of the show for free of cost and even without advertisements. You don’t even need registration for the same. Also, the video and sound quality on this site is amazing. Though streaming here is sometimes slow but the eps here are at full-length. 

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6. Vudu

vudu cartoon-min

Another alternative to Kim Cartoon is Vudu. It is said to be an American content delivery as well as a media technology company which allows you to watch the latest movies and TV from any available internet-enabled device.

Since any internet enabled device would go so the content can also be streamed through a high-speed network connection up to a variety of networkable devices which includes computers, HDTVs, Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, streaming media players as well as portable devices like smartphones and also tablets. 

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7. Disney XD 

disney xd-min

Disney XD is basically an American digital cable and satellite television channel that is moreover owned by the Disney Channels Worldwide unit of the Disney-ABC Television Group which allows you to play games, watch videos and also stream full-length TV episodes from all your favorite shows.

It dates back to the year 2007 when it was launched as an online channel. With this Disney XD, you are never going to miss any of your Disney XD episodes.

You can enjoy Duck Tales, SpiderMan, Star Wars Rebels and much more you can probably watch all this live tv with the Disney XD site.

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8. DirectTV

directtv cartoons-min

DirectTV makes it possible to use a satellite type of technology that does provide you with digital television. This one is considered as the world’s largest provider of digital entertainment. It uses the most innovative and latest technology to provide you with the premium videos.

The company intends to serve many people in the US and also in Latin America. As the name suggests it directly transmits digital satellite television and audio directly into your homes. With this, you not only have access to a dozen of channels but instead hundreds of channels.

This includes a variety of channels. This one gives you a mix of content, technology as well as service.

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9. CartoonCrazy 


If it has become difficult for you to find out something that the kids would love to watch, especially on Kodis, then CartoonCrazy is one such thing. It is considered as the largest multi-source kids streaming addon for Kodi.

It has around eleven different websites it gets content from and also has a whole bunch of additional features that can be explored.

It has a broad range of sources that means to say that there is much content to explore and since every cartoon is available here there is rarely any cartoon which is not available on Cartoon Crazy.

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