Megashare – Best Megashare Movies Alternatives & Similar Sites 2018


With the increase in the on-demand shows and other websites online, everyone is switching to this on the go experience. A similar website is the megashare which allows you to stream online movies and other TV shows at no cost. While the website provides you with a lot of options to make your life better, there are other platforms which are giving a head to head competition to the megashare.

Alternatives to the Megashare

Megashare movies are great. You can download them, stream them online but slow connections, bad prints, waiting, and there are a lot more things which lead a person towards a bad mood. Well, not anymore as we bring you the list of the websites which are the best alternative to the megashares.

1. Putlocker is becoming too popular these days because of its ultimate services to the customers. serves with the high-quality content along with the great stream speed. Meanwhile, the megashare movies has a limited number of categories, is full of categories. What you can do is simply visit them and choose the movie or the video which you want to see.

You can watch movies and TV shows in HD quality. Moreover, you would also get a great stream speed. Although you can select it yourself during your play it would get automatically adjusted according to the internet speed. Since the website is huge in comparison to the megashare movies, it is truly a better option.




Another great alternative to the mega share, shows you the world full of movies, TV shows, and entertainment. doesn’t have anything of its own; the website acts as just an aggregator and provides you with the best links possible. All you have to do is just search your query on the search box and you would be served with as many links as possible.

You can select one of these links to watch the movies and TV shows on the go. Moreover, the website provides you with the subtitles and the multi-lingual options which make it a great alternative over megashare.



hubmovie is the online platform to catch up all your TV shows and movies. What makes it different from the megashare is that you don’t need an account to watch stuff on The platform is far away from the advertisements and the irritating pop-ups in between. You can enjoy your movies without any breaks in between which makes takes the entertainment to a whole new level.

Furthermore, the website has the content in HD which you can view at different stream speeds. The website is compatible and is safe to use on any of the devices that you want to use.


4. Solarmovie

solar movies one

Here is another platform which lets you view HD content over no account. Solarmovie is a way too ahead than the megashare. The reason is simple, the website has a huge list of the movies and TV shows which you can play anytime you want. The website can easily run on the cell phones and other mobile devices which makes it perfect for the media on the go.

Solarmovie has a great GUI which makes you find any of the movie and the TV show in minutes. The website also has a search box for all your queries and demands. You just have to type the name and you are all set to watch movies and TV shows online.


5. Primewire

primewire li

Primewire is an aggregator which shows up the links of the other platforms on its website. All you have to do is select a link and watch the movies on the go. The website makes sure that you get a hassle-free experience of watching your favorite movies and the TV shows.

What makes is a way different than the megashare is its GUI and the ease of the operation. You cannot get yourself away when you visit the website.


6. MovieWatcher

moviewatcher online cinema

Unlike megashare., moviewatcher is like an encyclopedia of the movies. You have to search for the movie and the website would tell you all the information about it. Not just the information but the website features its personal player which lets you watch the movie online. Moreover, the website has all the genuine links and the information regarding it. You would enjoy the website and its benefits.


7. Streamza

Streamza is a one-stop solution for all your videos, movies and TV shows need. The website contains the search box which is your escape to your virtual world. Type the name of the movie or the TV show and you would get the hundreds of torrents that you can use to view your favorite movies. Interesting than megashare, right?


8. is more like a movie search engine. Well different than the megashare, would direct you to all those useful links that you need to view your search. These links are fast, HD and let you stream at the best speed that you can expect. Furthermore, the GUI of the website is amazing enough to get you to the right thing.


9. GoMovies

The free online platform lets you watch your content for free, just upon a search. Be it a TV show or a movie, the website has everything that you can ask it for. Moreover, the website also has a brilliant GUI that you can use to find your right movie. Stream ad-free and without any bounds.



Watch out the films with English subtitles with Apart from the subtitles, the movie would also feature various options with the qualities and the languages. The stream speed would automatically be adjusted according to the internet connection.