Movie4k – Best Movie 4k Alternatives & Similar Sites 2018


Movie4k is one of the most popular platforms for seeing free TV shows and movies. You can see everything about the movie by just hovering onto it. The interface of the website is a way too simple and easy to operate.

You can share the TV shows or the movies via the Twitter or Facebook. While the website is considered to be perfect, some people complain movie.4k to be full of problems and have issues with it. In that case, one must look for the alternative to the movie 4 k. So here is the list of the alternatives to the movie 4 k.

Movie4k – Best Movie 4k Alternatives & Similar Sites 2018

List Of Top Sites Similar To Movie4k in 2018

1. Putlocker

If you want to see the best alternative to the movie4k, then you should pay a visit to the Putlocker. Putlocker.to is an amazing website which features the new releases and the old collection of the movies and TV shows. You would get the complete list of the categories where you can find the category of your choice. Moreover, you would get all the information about the movie that you are searching for. All you need is to click on the movie and the website would tell you everything.

2. Coolmoviezone.com

Coolmovizone.com is full of the amazing wonders. The movie has everything that movie4k.to has. Apart from this, the movie has a lot of other features than that. You can save the downloaded movies on your system. You would also get a lot of links on the movie page so that if one link doesn’t work, you can switch to the other link. What you have to do is just sign up and you can watch all your favorite movies and TV shows for free. The stream speed of the website is great. The stream speed of the website is dependent upon the internet connection.

3. Yify

Another great platform for the movie 4k to,  is Yify has got a huge database in which you can see all your favorite movies and the TV shows. Apart from this, you would get all the information about the movie by simply clicking on it. You can view the IMDB rating, year of release, star rating and much more. The website has a huge database in which you can find everything that you want to find. Furthermore,  the stream speed of the website is pretty good and the quality of the content can fluctuate on the basis of the internet speed.

4. 123Movies

123movies free is a great platform to the movie4k.to. This is because of the reason that 123movies has got a great database where you can watch all the old and new movies. You would find every single detail of the movie once you click on the movie. Moreover, you will find all the old and the new versions of the movies, present on the website. All the movies are labeled with the IMDB rating and the interface of the website is amazing. You can operate the website hassle free with no problems with the website being so easy to use.

5. Tinklepad

Tinklepad is a great alternative to the movie4k. The reason behind this fact is simple. On the homepage itself, you would find the search box which is powered by a great search engine. All you have to do is just type the name of the movie or the TV show on the search box and you would find everything about the links of the movie. Stream through these HD movies as you would get an amazing stream speed. Due to the stream speed of these movies, they can be streamed at a faster speed. You can adjust the stream speed according to your wish, but the picture quality would be automatically adjusted with the quality of the internet. Unlike movie4k, tinklepad is much more accurate on the searching.

6. Popcorntime

Popcorntime is a great platform to find the movies over movie4k. The platform is great as the platform lets you watch HD movies over no cost. Moreover, the website is so beautifully arranged that you would easily find your favorite stuff. Talking about the version, then the website has a desktop version which you can simply download over the desktop. What you would have to do is simply visit the desktop and search for your movie. All the available torrents would be visible to you with no issues. You can easily download these torrents over no cost.

7. Snagfilms

Snagfils is a platform which you can say is a great alternative to movie4k.to because snagfilms has over 5000 documentaries and other visual media on it. No matter what you select, you’ll get the best out of it. Furthermore, you’ll get a great browsing speed which you can select for yourself. The website has a great list of the category which is sorted enough to get you the best movie and TV shows experience.

8. Vumoo

Switch to vumoo and you will get the best movie experience. Only one thing that misses out from vumoo is that the website doesn’t have the categories listed. Due to this, it might get a place back from movie4k but overall you’ll get a sound experience with great stream speed. Furthermore, the website has a great GUI which makes it easy to use.

9. Niter

Want the best out of the old classics? Switch to Niter and you would find everything on it. Apart from just the movies and TV shows, you’ll get a great streaming experience. Apart from just the streaming factor, Niter offers you to upload the content over the sign-up. So you can upload your own content, viewing the website content too.

10. Hulu

If you are in search of the TV shows, then Hulu is a great alternative over the movie4k. You can stream through various online movies but the website mainly focuses on the TV shows. It has tied up with different TV channels for that.

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