5 Best Music Apps That Don’t Need Wi Fi To Play Music – Android


The Internet has got us many things and the music is one of the best things it has done for us. In no time, you would be able to see the hottest music all around the world. Be it any of the genres, there are various websites and the applications which provide you with the free online music on the go. In that case, all you need to have is the internet connection. But how about the non wifi music? It gets frustrating when you have got no internet and you can’t listen to the music. There are a lot of the music applications which lets you download the music offline and then lets you listen to it later; offline.

5 Best Music Apps That Don't Need Wi Fi To Play Music - Android

Here are the List Of Best Music Apps That Dont Need Wifi To Download Or Play Music For Android

  1. Google Play Music
  2. Deezer
  3. Soundcloud
  4. Spotify Music
  5. Napster

You will read about the apps below.

The frustration when you can’t listen to your favorite song at the time you want to listen to it is genuine. But now, you don’t need to go online as you can download free music without internet. There are a lot of ways to listen to your favorite music offline like the radios and other sources but these applications would let you do that on a single go. You can listen to your favorite songs and that too without the internet.

So in that case, you need to go through the music apps that don’t use data. The following list focuses on to the same thing. It lets you listen to the songs without wifi. With these music applications, you would come across a whole new level of the music management. We have summed up the list to provide you with the most efficient applications that are both useful and easy to operate.

These applications let you listen to music offline and that too while maintaining the sound quality of the songs. Meanwhile, you hear these songs for free and offline, there are some other things that these music players are best at. They provide you with a whole new level of the management and listing.

Perhaps, apart from all these listings, the fact that you would be able to listen to your favorite music without the internet is the best feature. So get familiar with the downloader free no wifi applications and enjoy the offline music. Here is the list:-

1. Google Play music

google play music-min

Google Play Music is a one-stop solution for all your music needs. You would require Android version of KitKat or above to install the application. If you consider the music standards, the applications come to be the best in its class. Once installed, it can get familiar to your music preferences online and sync the music offline. You can log in or signup in the application using your Google account. Even if you close the application, it would still run in the background.

The application takes an organization to some another level as the application is organized on the basis of albums, playlists, Artists and much more. You wouldn’t be asked for anything rather than the small sign up notification. This way the application stands in the best music application on the internet.

Visit URL : https://play.google.com/music/

2. Deezer


This online music application is a one-stop solution for all your music streaming problems. All you have to do is just log on to the application and search for the music. Moreover, you would get the suggestions based on your searches. In the application, you would find everything sorted as per your need.

The categories are sorted on the basis of the artists, genre, time and much more. The application lets you enjoy everything offline. All you have to do is just simply search for the song, download it and the song would be saved in the playlist. This is how it works.

Visit URL : https://www.deezer.com/en/

3. Soundcloud


Soundcloud is a personalized music station for everyone. The application has the music lovers all around the world. You can listen to all of your music offline on the go. Apart from this, the application also lets you enjoy playlists across the world. Search for the song and you would find the match on the soundcloud, that’s the game.

The application comes in free of cost and there is no problem with the space in your cell phone with this light application. Make up your own playlist by saving up songs or simply upload your own fresh music.

Visit URL : https://soundcloud.com/charts/top

4. Spotify music

spotify music-min

The application has high-quality songs that you can download and listen for free. This is one of those brilliant music apps that don’t need wifi. Moreover, there is a huge category of the songs, libraries, albums and other media which you can listen on the go.

The application is unique because of its offline mode music. Enjoy the application with all other features that make you listen to the mesmerizing music with Spotify music.

Visit URL : https://www.spotify.com

5. Napster


Napster is an online application that lets you enjoy the offline music on the go. The application comes with many features sorted on the basis of the different categories. Apart from these categories, the application also sets up a stone marker in terms of the variety of music, quality of the sound, updated content and the flexibility that the application provides.

Not just the English or one single language, the application also provides a wide range of the languages and a great variety of the music that you can see. So go on download the application now.

Visit URL : https://us.napster.com/

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