Picasa : 10 Best Alternatives To Photo Editing Software Picasa


Picasa is software from Google which lets you organize, share and edit your photos. It has always been a great photo editing software. In the year 2016, Google announced that it would no longer support the desktop application. Although the existing user can continue using it, Google doesn’t offer any more updates to the existing version.

Picasa is kind of dead now, and it’s time you switch to another alternative of Picasa.  Dozens of options are available substitute to Picasa in the market, but we’ve come up with a list of top 10 different options both online and offline which are user-friendly. If you want to go all out and dive deep into more advanced photo editing software, you can always go for CorelDraw and Adobe Photoshop.

  1. Google Photos

google photos

Google Photos is a default alternative of Picasa provided by Google itself. Google Photos is a cloud storage service application same as Picasa. It offers a few added advantages over other similar applications such as you get Google Drive along with your pre-existing Google account, and you can sync your photo albums with infinite storage. It provides users with unlimited storage space for videos and photos in high quality.

You have access to your gallery from all over the world and from any device by logging into your Google account. It supports basic editing tools, Google lens, supports RAW image files and more. The user interface is very easy to understand, and the whole gallery can be set according to locations, people, date and more.

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  1. Flickr


Flickr is a perfect alternative to Picasa as it offers the similar photo storage and managing facilities free of cost. After you sign up, you get access to TBs of storage space for free. The only downgrade is that you need to upload your photos manually. If you want to sync your photos automatically, you will require the pro version for the availability of more stats for your images, discount on Adobe purchases and ad-free browsing experience. However, you get access to some editing tools and adjustments such as a bunch of filters, contrast, brightness and more in both paid and free versions of Flickr.

  1. Windows Live Photo Gallery

windows live photo gallery

Windows Live Photo Gallery is the best alternative for those who refuse to indulge in image editing software from Google. The entire interface is similar to Picasa, and there are a lot of features available which will remind the users of Picasa such as setting a Geolocation, adding captions, resizing images, rotating photos and much more. It provides a one source location for editing the photos and uploading them on different social media sites directly from within the software.

  1. Zoner Photo Studio

zoner photo studio

Zoner Photo Studio is not available for free, but there’s a free 30 days trial available with a $65 Pro version and $45 Home version. Zoner Photo Studio allows you to download and edit your images at one place. You get more advanced features in this software than the Picasa itself.

Zoner Photo Studio is a mainstream program which let the users edit and touch op the photos. Some of the features include a capability of carrying out advanced edits with just a few clicks, a huge resource library of brushes and filters, use of multiple layers, masks and much more.

  1. Phototheca

phototheca 2

Phototheca makes it quick and easy to organize, manage and sort your images at one place using your desktop. There are two versions available for users- paid and free. Both of them offers a library to upload your photos to. It provides some unique features like displaying photos arranged in a timeline mode or by the calendar. Along with a few standard features such as photo browsing and slideshows etc.

  1. ACDSee


ADCsee is designed as both a photo editing platform and a photo management program. It allows the users to quickly and easily view and edit the photos. You can organize your images in whichever way you want- color matching, chronological and more and locate a specific photo in less time. Moreover, it offers a few editing features such as adding texts, vignettes, and borders to the photos, reducing and correcting red eyes in photos, using drawing and selection tools, applying various filters and much more.

ACDSee is an image viewer which use a limited amount of resources from the system and don’t take up much space on your system because of a small, sleek design. It is one of the most responsive photo viewers all thanks to the basic functionality that it offers with a small size.

  1. Photoscape


Photoscape is another alternative available to Picasa. It allows users to enhance photos, edit them and create special effects on them. It provides you with options from basic fixing, edits, colleges to gifs to a lot more. One thing which separates it from Picasa is that it offers no cloud storage space to store your photos. Its still is popular as an ideal and versatile photo editing application.

It’s a full-time photo editing software which has a built-in image viewer by default. It’s a perfect application for the type of users who like to enhance their images before sending and uploading it on some social media platform. You can move images from left to right, rotate them and zoom in and out. You can further enhance your images by adding film and light effects, brushing and adding stickers to the photos. There is an embedded screen capture tool in this application.

  1. Microsoft Photos

microsoft photos

Microsoft Photos is basically a clone of Google photos based on the features both of them offers. It gives a feel of Picasa only with better and simpler user interface. It offers editing tools and photo managing features like Picasa. It doesn’t offer a dedicated cloud storage option yet, but you can store your documents and images on to Microsoft’s One Drive Application. This photo editing software works quite well, and the application lets the users share their pictures on social media networks or even upload them to the Microsoft drive. There’s a dedicated mobile app available for convenient usage. 

  1. FastStone Image Viewer


FastStone Image Viewer comes free of charge without any annoying ads popping up which makes it reliable and easy to access. It is fast, simple and has a lot of features for fixing and editing a photo. It has a tool which can convert an image into various formats. It can add text, draw, and edit an image while on the go. It has a better slideshow feature than Picasa with more than 150 transitions and effects to choose from. It can act as an image viewer, comparing photos, management of photos, cropping them and more.

  1. PictureLife


PictureLife is one of the best available alternatives for Picasa. It has similar features to that of Picasa and Google photos. The user interface is very easy to use for any individual. PictureLife has an advantage of supporting RAW files which let the users cave their original photos as well as edited ones on the platform. The editing tools are powered by Aviary. There are packages available for photo storing space.

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