Pokémon Go Gyms: How to Defend, Attack, Earn Coins & Stardust


Pokemon go new gym system has changed almost everything. All the things like how you Join, Defend and Attack gyms and how you get Stardust, Candy and coins also have been changed. So, now it is like, you need to start your Strategies for Gym from scratch. This pokemon go gym guide can help you to understand everything you need to know about the new Gym System.

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Here are new Gym System Changes

  • With this new pokemon go gym update, it has become easy to join any empty Gym at any time. Up to 20 Gyms can be joined at one time
  • Before this update, there were 10 slots and now there are only 6 slots
  • One Pokemon from each species can now Gyms. It means if there are Blissey is in the Gym no else can add Blissey.
  • Now Gyms are based on the order it joined.
  • Prestiging is no more. If a Gym belongs to your team and there is one slot available then you can join the Gym. And, if there is no slot, you cannot join it.
  • There is a Motivation meter for Pokemon in the Gym
  • They start losing the Motivation when they put in the Gym. Pokemon with CP of 3000 or above lose at the rate of 10% per hour and that have CP lower than 3000 lose at 1% per hour
  • You can feed berries to Pokemon even when it is full. Up to 10 Pokemon can be fed 10 berries each.
  • When you have one Pokemon in any Gym, you can feed Berries to that Gym
  • Any rival gym now can be attacked at any time
  • It is possible to save a battle team so that you can easily access it later when required
  • With every defeat, a Pokemon loses its CP and when it is reached to zero, that Pokemon is kicked out of the Gym. And, when you have kicked all Pokemon out of the Gym, then you can take over it
  • Just like PokeStop, you can spin the PhotoDisc to get items. You can spin again and again with a gap of 5 minutes. Every spin will get you 2-4 items
  • You will get a Raid pass on your first spin
  • To get Gym Points, you need to take part in as many raids as possible. You will get 1000 gym points for every raid and 1440 points if you stay in the Gym for a day.
  • All the gyms can be seen from the new view of the map

What happened to the Previous Gyms?

Previous Gyms were disabled on 19th June 2017. All the Pokemon were sent to home with full health and with a new update that was on 22nd June 2017, the new Gym System went live.

How to Put Pokemon in Gym to Claim or help Defend?

There are no such changes in the method to get onto a Gym. You can enter a gym if any one of the 6 slots is empty. Here is how you do this:

  • Approach to a Gym that has one Slot open or is controlled by your team members.
  • Now, tap on the “Gym” and after that tap on the “Add” button
  • Now select the Pokemon that you want to add to the Gym
  • In the end, tap “Yes”. It will confirm that you want to leave your Pokemon there.

Now, it will stay in the Gym until defeated. You can put up to 6 Pokemon on a Gym. With old Pokemon Go Gyms, you could add up to 10 pokemon but now only 6 are possible. There are also some new Gyms in the game that are made by converting PokeStpo into Gyms.

If you are thinking that you can add more slots to a Gym, then it’s not possible. All you need is, just wait for a slot to be empty so that you can join or you can defeat a Gym of rival’s team to get more slots.

How Many Gyms can be joined at one time?

Now you can join up to 20 Gyms at one time. There is no chance to join more than 20 Gyms. The reason is it requires a lot of efforts to maintain a gym. Moreover, only one Pokemon of each Species can join a Gym. Means no similar Pokemon can join a Single Gym. So everyone has to join the Gym with Pokemon that are different from each other.

How to get Pokemon Go Coins?

If you have a Pokemon on a Gym, it can easily earn Pokemon Go Coins. It will get a coin every 10 minutes. So according to this if you have five Pokemon onto a Gym, you can earn 30 coins in one hour.

How many coins your Pokemon has collected can be seen in the News or when it is kicked out. Find how you can check the coins:

  • Tap on the Pokeball to open the Menu
  • At the top right, you will find a News tab, tap on it
  • You can also tap on the Notification tab to check

What is a Heart-shaped Meter?

It is a “Motivation“meter that lets you know the current Motivation of your Pokemon. Motivation is the willingness of the Pokemon to stay in the Gym. A Pokemon starts losing its motivation when it is placed in the Gym. With time, it keeps losing the motivation and when it takes part in the Pokemon go gym battle and is defeated, the motivation decreases at a faster rate. When the Pokemon is defeated and has zero motivation, then it leaves the Gym and returns back to the collection.

Pokemon that have CP 3000 or more then they lose their motivation at a rate of 10% per hour and if the CP is lower than 3000 then they lose motivation at a rate of 1% per hour.

So, these are some Pokemon go gym tips that every player should know.

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