Best Pokémon Go Tips and Tricks for Novemver 2018


If you are looking for the Pokemon Go Tips then here is everything you need to know. Listed below are some amazing tips and tricks for Pokemon Go that will surely help you to do better in the game. Follow these Pokemon Go tricks and become a pro in this game:

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How to Increase Friendship Level Fast

As we know, friendship level can be increased only for one time in a day. To reach to the Ultra Friend status, 30 days are required and to reach to the Best Friend Status, 90 days are required. So, do raid and Gym with your friend daily as you can only increase the friendship level if you don’t miss many days.

There are some friends who are not near you or you cannot meet them daily, for them, you can send gifts daily. But there is a restriction that you can send only 20 gifts. And, for those friends, to whom you meet daily, do raids and gyms with them. The reason there is no limit on these.

How to Take Gyms Down Fast

As compared to the old Pokemon go Gym system, the new system varies a lot. Now, Gyms can be destroyed within a few minutes by anyone. But, with the pokemon go gym tips, which are listed below, you can destroy the Gym faster.

Normally if there is only one defender, the Gym can be taken down in three rounds. But if there are six defenders, then the gym can also be taken down in three battles but there will be eighteen battles for each member. Follow these tips to take down the gym faster:

  • One attacker enters and battles with the Gym defender
  • On defeating the defender 1, 2nd attacker enters and battles with the defender 1
  • Now when attacker 2 and attacker 1 defeat the defender 1 and defender 2 respectively, then the 3rd attacker enters and battles with the defender 1
  • When defender 6 is defeated by the attacker 1, they can help 3rd attacker who is battling with the 4th So, when the 3rd attacker is done, the gym should be taken down.

If there are more than three people with you, then all you can work as a team for the waves. Also, you can take one Pokemon out as with this, defenders will be notified and they will start feeding berries. Here is how to do:

  • Attack the 1st defender and Drop out
  • Again attack the 1st defender and Drop out
  • Attack the 1st defender for the 3rd time and drop out again
  • Repeat all this until you beat all the defenders

So, use these two methods and you can take-down any Gym faster than before.

Boost your Trading

On trading Pokemon with friends, there is a chance that one of you will definitely get a Lucky Pokemon. The main advantage of Lucky Pokemon is that only half the Stardust is required to power up them. Here are the tips for pokemon go to boost your trade:

  • You need to trade your Larvitar with the Pokemon that is oldest in your friend’s collection
  • Next, for their Larvitar, trade the Pokemon that is oldest in your collection.

Finish Field Research Faster with These Tips

Field research lets you earn the rewards like XP, items and even encounters on completing common tasks. Follow the below-mentioned pokemon go tips and tricks to finish field research faster:

  • If there are some tasks that are really difficult to complete, then delete them. For example, if you get the Raid task even after the Raids for the day have been ended, then you can delete that task and get the new one that is easier.
  • If there are tasks that are similar, then you can complete these similar tasks at the same time.
  • In some raid tasks, you can take failure as an option. Means if winning is not compulsory you can lose that raid or gym task. Doing this multiple time will knock off a lot of raids.

How to Defend Gyms for Longer Time

As we have discussed above that now with the new Gym System, it has become easy to take-down any gym as anyone can do that. But, by following the below guide, you can defend the Gym for a Longer time.

To defend a gym you need some of the toughest Pokemon like Snorlax, Blissey, Slaking, and Chansey.

In case you don’t have much Golden Razz Berry and want to optimize for longevity, then it is good to stick 1200 to 1800 CP. And in case you want to optimize for intimidation, then it is good to go for higher CP.

Anticipating counters is also good. There is one common weakness in all defenders. All defenders are of Normal-type so they are vulnerable to the Fighting-types.

To overcome this, you should have the Pokemon that have Psychic-type moves so that they can destroy the Fighting-types. Here are these movesets

  • Snorlax: Zen Headbutt
  • Blissey: Dazzling Gleam
  • Slaking: Play Rough
  • Chansey: Dazzling Gleam

When you have the ones with Psychic-type moves, now interleave them with the ones that do more damage to the counters.

Run the Raids Right

There are some new rewards and new challenges in the Pokemon Go that are brought by the Raids. Everyone knows that using best counters and giving them perfect moves is good in Raids. But, rather than niche counters, it is best to do efforts for the counters that are efficient a lot.

For instance, Golem and Tyranitar are better than a Pokemon that is capable one counter only and Golem and Tyranitar can counter so many Raid Bosses.

In case you have a Gengar and you want to use it, it will be good for you if you put it first in the Battle Team. By doing this, Gengar can get off a charge move before the Raid Boss squishes it.

So, this is the pokemon go strategy guide that you can follow to get the better results in a short time.

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