Primewire – Best Primewire Alternatives & Similar Websites 2018


Primewire – Best Primewire Alternatives & Similar Websites 2018

When it comes to stream movie online, you can’t forget the primewire. The website has many options of the genre along with the streaming quality. All the things are also followed by the amazing streaming speed. Though the platform seems perfect for the movie streaming, there are a lot of other ways by which you can stream movies online.

The websites mentioned below are considered as the best prime wire alternative. This is because of the fact that these platforms are more flexible than the prime wire. Apart from that, these platforms are a way too faster than the primewire. So let’s check out the list of the best prime wire alternatives.

List Of Top Sites Similar To Primewire in 2018

1. GoMovies

How about streaming the movies and TV shows online and that too without signing up? GoMovies is a brilliant platform and a great alternative to the You can stream through the thousands of episodes online and that too from the different genres. Moreover, you get to see these online TV shows in brilliant picture quality. The platform has a brilliant search box which you can use to search the movies that you love online

2. MovieWatcher

MovieWatcher is a platform which you can use to find the services that stream the movies. The reason behind the popularity of the MovieWatcher is that apart from being a great primewire alternative, it provides multiple options. With prime wire, you can only see one movie but with the MovieWatcher, you get the multiple links to stream your movie. What could be better than having so much of the options? These options come in the variety like different stream speed, mirrors, and stream quality. So log on to MovieWatcher and start to stream now.

3. Popcornflix

Apart from the platforms that just provide the movies for the laptops, Popcornflix would let you enjoy mobiles. Popcornflix is a great contender of the prime wire. The reason behind this is the broad category of the genres that you can view on the popcornflix. Choose the movie that you would love to watch and that would be on. Just not the movies, but you can also search for the various TV shows.
These TV shows are present in different qualities. Either you choose the quality of the videos or let the website select your stream speed according to the connection. Whatever the case is, you can search through thousands of episodes online.

4. is an online free movie streaming platform. What you have to do is just simply search for your movie and you would get all the available options. An alternative to the primewire ag, you can stream everything for free. not just get you the online movie streaming but also provides you with the TV shows streaming. So search for your favorite stuff and start streaming now.

5. AZMovies

AZMovies provides you with the most efficient search box. The search box is so great that whatever keywords you write in the box, the website would reply would get you with all the movies or the TV shows that match it. What could be more astonishing? AZMovies also lets you stream faster than the This is the reason that can make you switch your favorite online streaming website. Moreover, the website provides you with the HD content. You are lucky if you are able to find your favorite TV show in HD. Whatever the case is, the website lets you stream online for free.

6. YesMovies

How about watching the updated movies? YesMovies is a great alternative to the because it is updated regularly. So because of this reason, you can find everything that you love. From new movies to the old is gold, the website would give you everything you ask it for. It is not just the matter of the movies but you can also see the online TV shows. So stream with YesMovies to watch the latest movies and trailers.

7. Rainierland

Rainierland is different than the other websites. The website lists the other websites that match your search. It is an alternative to the primewire  ag because it provides you with the multiple watch options. How about the stream speed? The streaming speed entirely depends upon the links. Some links might provide you with the higher stream speed while some do not.

8. Putlocker

Put locker is a popular platform. In some countries, the website is a way lot popular than the primewire ag. The reason is simple. Higher speed, broader categories, quality content and lot more. Putlocker opens the door to watch movies online without even signing up. Moreover, the putlocker also lets you select from a great range of the old and new movies. So take a look at the website today.


MUBI is cool because of the number of reasons. the website lets you stream online through a lot of categories. The special reason behind the MUBI is that the content is handpicked by the movie experts. While the other websites like primewire throw you in the pool of episodes, the website provides you with the expert advice.


You can find everything on the Hulu which you can’t find on the other websites. The reason is simple that Hulu has some of the exclusive content online. A great alternative to the primewire, Hulu provides you with the great category of the episodes. You can select the TV shows from the given genres and then start to watch it online. Hulu gets you the content which nothing can.