Steam Launch Options : Steam Set Launch Options

steam set launch options in game
steam set launch options in game

If you have a keen interest in gaming and especially on PC’s then you might be aware of the steam software. Now, there is an option of changing game settings specifically for steam known as steam launch options. Before that here is a quick intro about the steam software.

The Steam is a digital platform, developed by the Valve Corporation for purchasing and playing PC supported video games. The site basically provides video game streaming, purchasing games, auto-updating of the games, as well as social networking features like in-game voice, chat and, cloud saving.

The platform provides various single and multiplayer game titles on its site. These games can be bought from the steam store and are then saved to your library. Go to the library and download the game, you are ready to play! The UI of Steam is very simple and basic. You can easily operate it once you start using it.

What is  Steam Set launch options

The launch options steam can be used to change game settings before the start of the game. these game launch options help is an additional feature of the software which replaces the internal settings of the game.

The need for the launch option

These launch options are a way to recover from incompatible video settings and also helps in troubleshooting various issues.

The overall performance issue of the games is solved with this.

Setting launch options

  1. Right click on the game title (present in the library of the steam), select properties.
  2. Under general tab, tap on set launch options.
  3. Enter launch options accordingly
  4. Close the properties window
  5. Launch the game.

The launch options are basically a set of codes, typed for the game you want to play. There are some basic rules while typing these codes, like separate each code with space, console commands can work as launch options by adding ‘+’ in front of each console command.

While there are many universal launch options, few differ from game to game depending upon the engine of the game.

Starting from the very basic, get to know what console commands are.

The console provides a command line interface so as to perform advanced configuration of the source games. to enable the  console command

Visit options> keyboard> advanced. A popup will appear on the screen with two options, select the “enable developer console”. The window can be opened and closes by using “tab” button.

Here are a few useful commands:

  • Find<term>

This command helps in searching console command names and their description.

  • help<command name>

this displays help text for a command

  • sv_cheats<boolean>

the cars that affect the gameplay are known as cheats. This command helps in unlocking those cheats.

  • noclip

set sv_cheats to one and this will help you to fly through your level without a player collision.

  • –autoconfig – this restores video and performance settings of the game to default. Till then all settings inside .clg files are null and void.
  • –console – this starts the game with the developer console method
  • –fullscreen – this makes the game start from a fullscreen mode.
  • –windowed/ -sw – this forces the game engine to start in a windowed mode.
  • –novid / -novideo – this helps to eliminate the introductory video of the game while launching
  • – lv: enables low violence options in left 4 dead
  • –silly gibe : this enables violence for team fortress 2.

These are few common launch codes specifically for Goldsrc and source game engine and not the third party games.

The other game titles that accept these codes are:

  • Counterstrike: global offensive
  • Dota 2
  • Team fortress 2
  • Artifact
  • Portal 2
  • Left for dead 2
  • Half – life 2
  • Counter strike – source
  • Counter strike : condition zero
  • Counter strike –
  • Day of Defeat: source
  • Team fortress classic
  • The lab
  • Alien Swarm

and a few more.

Here are steam set launch options for the current top most popular games on steam

steam launch option for tf2 (team fortress2)

the steam launches will help to boost your fps and enhance the game performance

  1. –novid : this removes the intro valve video of the game, thus skipping directly to the launching of the game.
  2. –noipx : this disables IPX/SPX protocol. Now the IPX stands for internet packet exchange, and spx stands for sequenced packet exchange. Removing these will help you to give small fps boost.
  3. –threads: this helps to get to know how much cors of your device will be focused in running team fortress game. now before using this command, first get to know how many cores does your pc have. Depending upon that type thread2 for two cores and more for more cores.

The no. of cores can be checked by pressing ctrl+alt=delete. Select the performance option nd there will show the CPU’s history. The little “windows” show the number of cores of the device.

  • Nod3d9ex: removes special particles inside the game to boost fps, and lets the user shift+tab faster
  • –nojoy: removes joystick support for tf2.
  • –mat_: helps to remove special effects on characters so as to run the game faster.
  • Steam launch options for pubg

The pubg launch options will enhance your game play and boost your fps. The player unknown’s battleground is currently on the top of battle royale games. the games have varied weapons and armors making the gameplay realistic and interesting. This makes this game hardware intensive and alongside bringing optimization issues.

So here are some of the pubg launch options to ease up your game play.

  • -refresh 144: choose the number in the end according to the screen size of your device. For example:

60hz monitor: -refresh 50

55hxz monitor: -refresh 55

120hz monitor: -refresh 120

This is the refresh rate for the monitor. Set the numbers in the end with bold.

  • -maxmem: 13000

This command is a regulator for the RAM that is assigned to the game. the command helps to define the use rate of the
RAM of the game. example: the game has 32gb ram on the device, and you want to use 30 GB of it. Then use –maxMem= 30000. Replace 30000 with the amount you want to use.

  • -malloc=system

This helps in allocating the amount of memory that should be for the game.

  • -useallavailablecores

This command unlocks all the cores of the processor of your device. This improves the performance visibly.

  • -sm4: this helps in running the game in Direct X 100 instead of direct X 11. This makes help the game run smoother, however, the graphical integrity will lose to some extent.

Remember the mentioned launch options to boost your fps, run the game smoother and with more ease.