11 Best Upcoming Steam Games [2019 Edition]


If you have a great interest in gaming, especially on the PC’s, then Steam is the platform you can trust on. And with the new year around the corner, there is one long list for the upcoming games on steam. But before jumping on to the games, for the first timers here’s a brief intro about the platform ‘Steam’, how it works and, every little detail.

About Steam

The Steam is a digital platform, developed by the Valve Corporation for purchasing and playing PC supported video games. The site basically provides video game streaming, purchasing games, auto-updating of the games, as well as social networking features like in-game voice, chat and, cloud saving.

The website was initially developed for the use of Microsoft O.S. but now versions have been released for Linux and Mac-based O.S. The steam allows its users to buy the products and organize them into categories and, also add to favourite lists. Another biggest feature of this platform is its Big Picture Mode. This feature allows the steam to optimize on a larger screen thus allowing the users to operate the steam from a gamepad or a keyboard/ mouse. Again notching up the game and maintaining its firm in the market SteamVR, a virtual reality big interface was introduced in January 2014. This allows the users to play on the Big picture through the VR headset.

Now the Steam Client allows you to connect with your friends and other members of the Steam community like any other social networking platform. It gives the users freedom to identify friends, join or invite them.you can have a voice over internet protocol(VOIP) with other users, join or invite for games that are multiplayer.

Steam Policies

In 2015, new policies were introduced by the valve, keeping customer satisfaction in mind.

  • They created a formal process to allow the customers to request for complete funds but within two weeks of purchase. Also, the user must not have spent more than two hours on the game.
  • They have full authority to remove any game or service without prior notice. However, those games can still be downloaded for those who have paid for it.

Addition to these there is many other minor policies which can be read on the site itself.

How does it work?

The platform provides various single and multiplayer game titles on its site. These games can be bought from the steam store and are then saved to your library. Go to the library and download the game, you are ready to play! The UI of Steam is very simple and basic. You can easily operate it once you start using it.

Upcoming Steam Game Titles

Now that you know what stream is get ready to buy upcoming game releases on the stream this holiday season and 2019

Here is a brief list of the upcoming games on steam

  1. Devil May Cry 5

devil may cry 5

Price: INR 2,999

Release date:  March 8, 2019

This is a pure action game, engaging you in total fight offs and bringing those old kiosk gamer back. The game is full of big weapons, massive action, and riders.

  1. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

sekiro - shadows die twice

Price: INR 3,999

This is a complete action game, and samurai-themed. The product of FromSoftware, we are totally keeping our hopes high. This new themed game from them is new because of their previously developed games which have been under the hardest game plays and giving our minds a check. And yes this one also seems a complex game with real badass samurais and moves. This one is going to be yet again a flagship by the company.

  1. Resident evil2 remake

resident evil 2 remake

Price: INR 2,999

Release date: January 25, 2019

This is a survival horror game with zombies that can give nightmares. With better environments, scenarios, and puzzles this one is one of the most awaited of 2019 games. The fans are going to get crazy with this due to upgraded game features like;

Limb removal system, letting you eviscerate parts off the zombies. Although it is named resident evil 2 remakes, the game is totally different to what it was. The RE engine used to create resident evil7 is used in as well. There is an over shoulder camera style like resident evil 4. Overall this one is going to be the best sellers.

  1. Metro Exodus

metro exodus

Price: INR 1,179

Release date: 15 February 2019

Yet again witness the brutal killing world in the wasteland of  Russia. There are mutated creatures and a giant whistling train right through the land. This one is going to bring freshness to the game as it is expected for the players to get a chance to board on the train and roam around the country. unlike the previous ones sticking in the sewers. yay!

  1. Left Alive

left alive

Price: INR 3,499

Release date: February 28, 2019

This one is a video shooter game supported by both windows and ps4. This is a multiplayer and single player game, set in the front mission universe.

  1. Eternity: The Last Unicorn

eternity the last unicorn

Scheduled Release: 2019

This is a single player game supported by windows O.S. developed by the Void Studios; this is an action RPG. The game is coming from Norse mythology with those classic mechanic moves. The story revolves around Aurehen, an elf on a quest to free the last unicorn. The visuals are amazing to bring those nostalgic childhood video gaming memories. Wait for this promising gameplay.

  1. Between the stars

between the stars

Release date: January 2019

A typical interstellar styled, save the universe by crossing the galaxies is what we got till now. You will be captain of a stellar cruiser and will have to make decisions and improve the weaponry of the ship while you progress in the game. the visuals are decent with intense space battles. While the demo is ready on the site, only time will tell how well the game is going to perform.

  1. Unlucky Seven

unlucky seven

Release date: TBA

Developed by Puzzling Dream Playway, this is an adventure, action based game. set in the space, the story is about Elen, a cat(yes a cat) and his friends who attend a party in a motel. The party becomes the party of their death. Explore the plans of your friends and look out what you eat.

Trigger warning: some of the content might be inappropriate for all ages because of frequent violence and gore.

This game is supported on windows as well as Mac O.S.

  1. Mysteria- occult shadows

mysteria, occult shadows

Release date: winter 2018

Developed by U-secret studio, this is an action based game. in a dark-style tale, the player gets to play the role of kitty – ferre, the “death shadow” who has magical powers to fight on surnas, a supernatural land with mystical creatures. Embark on a journey with the death shadow to defeat enemies on this planet, and revealing dark secrets of the land as you progress in the game. this is an indie project, developed by a group of college students.

This game is supported by the windows O.S.

  1. Space Junkies

space junkies

Release Date: 2019

Yet again set in the outer space, this is an action, sport multiplayer game. the game consists of arcade shooting while flying through deadly Orbital Arenas while doing space battles. There are advanced weapons, sun blisters, bio guns, and every other fantasy filled artillery. The game supports HTC vive and Oculus Rift VR giving the freedom to use your hands and body to dodge in full 360-degree arena.

  1. Anthem


Release date: February 22, 2019

Supported by windows and PS4, this is developed by the BioWare and published by Electronic Arts. The name is enough, telling me how interesting the game is going to be. All we know is that it distantly related to destiny and the game allows us to be an iron man. Lookout for some javelins and dungeon run in the space.

This is all for now, keep a check on the site for more updates of the steam’s upcoming games.

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