Best Websites To Watch Tamil Movies Online [Updated]


Looking to watch the latest tamil movies online? We have got a list of websites and streaming services for you where you can watch old and new tamil movies. Also, if you are short on time or prefer to watch the movies at your own leisure, some of the websites on our list also let you download the tamil movies of your choice directly or through torrents.

Read on to find the website or streaming service which suits you the best so you can watch the latest tamil movies of 2018 or get free downloads of new tamil movies.

1. Hotstar

When it comes to videos on-demand and live streaming content, India’s very own Hotstar is one of the top dogs in the market.

Hotstar offers you access to its large library of old and new tamil movies in high definition and above to stream. You can stream the movies you like both through your web browser and the mobile application whenever you want. You can be sure to find the latest tamil movies and even the classic hits from years ago.

Most of hotstar’s content is free so you should be able to watch most of the movies from their database. But you will have to pay to watch their premium content which will include the trending tamil movies of the year and other in-demand content based on the market. The monthly subscription cost is INR 199 per month or you can pay an annual fee of INR 999 (you get a 58% discount for yearly payment upfront).

So, you can choose to enjoy a lot of tamil movies online through hotstar for free, if you don’t want to pay but if you want to catch up with the latest blockbusters, then shelling out the monthly subscription cost seems like a good deal too.

2. Spull

Spull is a video on-demand content and streaming website with over 10,000 hours worth of movie watch time to offer you. You can access the content on spull with a monthly subscription cost of INR 150, which in our opinion is a steal especially if you are an ardent movie watcher. In case you aren’t sure about committing to the website you can also try their service on a trial basis.

They offer you a lot of features during this trial period such as adding movies to your watch list, resuming from where you left off, syncing your playlist across multiple devices and even downloading select movies to your mobile device.

When you opt for the premium subscription, you can get all the features from your trial period and additional access to tamil film downloads on an unlimited basis without any ads in between movies and ability to stream on multiple devices at the same time.

Spull also offers you movies on a rental basis, which you can watch for a certain period for a minimal fee of usually INR 100.

3. Hungama

Hungama is another Indian subscription based streaming service. Here you can find the latest tamil movies to watch. Apart from movies, you can also stream music, music videos and tv shows  in english, hindi and various other regional languages.

Hungama has three plans to offer you. The first one gives you access to over 8000 movies and over 500 short films in HD quality with no ads and option to download through the mobile app, all the cost of INR 49 per month. The second one gives you access to all the high quality music in various languages and ability to stream over 5 devices at once. This one comes at a price of INR 99 per month. The final plan gives you everything Hungama has to offer and the option of unlimited downloads on your mobile device.

Since your main motive would be to watch movies, we think that the INR 49/month is a great deal.

4. TodayPKFree

TodayPKfree is a website which hosts one of the largest database of tamil movies you can find online.

If you want to get early access online to new tamil movies then this website is the first one you should visit each time you look. The latest trending movies are listed under the ‘featured’ category so that you can find them quickly. If you are looking for tamil movies from the past years, then you can easily choose the year in which the movies were released.

You can also find tamil movie torrent links or direct free download links of tamil movies, if you do not want to stream the movies. The quality of the movies may not always be full high definition but considering that it is all available for free, you really cannot complain.

5. OnlineMovieWatch.Org

OnlineMovieWatch is another website which lets you stream tamil movies freely. If you do not want to stream the movies then you also get free download links to old and new tamil movies.

The database of tamil movies is not very large and you are most likely to find some of the newer releases as in the tamil movies of 2018 and 2017. Also, movies get uploaded in low qualities as well, so you should keep looking for various quality options or wait just a while longer for the better quality to get uploaded.

Another great feature is that you get access to tamil dubbed movies. So, if you are looking to watch the latest Bollywood and Hollywood blockbusters in tamil, you likely will find it here.

6. GoFilms4U

If you are looking for the latest tamil movies, then this website is another one which you should keep an eye on. GoFilms4u lets you stream the latest tamil movies for free from their servers and you can easily find the kind of movies you want to watch as their database is properly curated. You get a choice from genres such as romance, musical, action, comedy, adventure etc. Another great thing is that on this website you can find some classic old tamil movies which you might not find anywhere else dating back to the 1980s and 1970s.

A pretty rare feature of GoFilms4u is that you can also request the movies you would like to watch, in case it is not listed on their website. We really appreciate this as it shows that the website is very user friendly.

7. Movies Online Gold

Movies Online Gold has a smooth interface and is not very confusing when you try to find the movies you watch. Just like GoFilms4u their database is regularly updated and well curated.

You can stream the latest tamil movies and even some old classics for free in varying qualities depending on the server you view it from. While viewing you can also switch from various servers on offer to suit the best quality and stream rate for you.

The latest trending movies are also featured at the front page of the website and this makes it a lot easier when you are looking for the latest hits out right now.

8. TamilCrow

The website TamilCrow is one of the top websites which is wholly dedicated to tamil entertainment content.

You can find the latest tamil movies, tamil tv shows and movies and tv shows from India and other countries dubbed in tamil. The quality of the content you watch will mostly be very good.

Another great feature on this website is that they offer you a HD/DVD release section. Be sure to regularly check that section so you can enjoy new tamil movies or some old ones which you have already watched in the best quality possible. You might not readily find the content which you want, but a little patience goes a long way and rest assured that in due time you will find the movies that you want.

Got a website or streaming service of your own? Tell us down in the comment section below which once you prefer other than the ones in our list and what you thought about our own list.