Watch32 – Best Alternatives & Similar Sites 2018


Watch32 is an online platform to watch free movies and TV shows. The website has been a favorite platform for many people as the movie provides many features. You can download the movies, watch free episodes and much more. Though the website is best in its class, sometimes it faces some problems too. Due to this reason, you should try with the alternatives of the These alternatives are alike the watch32 movies. So have a look at them and find the best alternative to these websites.

List Of Top Sites Similar To Watch32 in 2018

1. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time free movies

Popcorn Time is a great alternative to the This is because of the fact that the website has a huge number of categories. These categories or the genres have a huge number of movies. Moreover, the website also features the subtitles below the shows and movies. These subtitles are present in the English language. Also, you would be able to find the movies and the TV shows from other countries.

The GUI of the website is brilliant and you would be easily able to locate everything even if you are operating the website for the first time. You would also be able to see the HD movies and TV shows on the website. So overall popcorn time is a great alternative over the watch 32.

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2. Butter Project

butter project

What makes the butter project a great alternative over the watch32hd is its torrent streaming. Torrent streaming means that you would get the links of the other websites on which you can go to watch the movies. All you need to do is to search online for the movies and the TV shows.

You would get the lists of the torrents on the website and you can choose any of the torrents that you like. Not just the downloading, you can also stream these torrents online and skip the downloads. The website is available on the Android, Linux, Mac, Android and is also compatible with different mobiles.

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putlocker co

If you are familiar with the free online streaming of the movies, then you must have heard about the The website is brilliant for streaming the content. You can browse through thousands of movies and the TV shows there. At you would also be able to stream in HD.

Moreover, at you would get every single information about the movies. You would get the information of the year release, genre, actors and more. The website is compatible with all the devices like mobile, tablet, PC, Etc.

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4. TheMovieDB

the movie db

Themoviedb is a great online platform to watch movies and the TV shows. The reason behind moviedb is so popular is because of its GUI and the brilliant interface. What’s more in the box is that the website has all the information about the movies in it.

You would get all the information about the movies once you click on the show. The website has an online player which you can use to watch the movies. You just have to click on the link and you can see the movies. If you really want to get a great movie experience, then you should switch to the themovieDB from watch32.

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These days there are a lot of the fake websites and platforms which shows a way too many ads and irrelevant stuff. To overcome stuff like this, was made. provided.

Nowadays, the majority of streaming sites are full of pop-ads and fake links. This is why Hubmovie was created: To provide a better service. Hubmovies not only focus on providing a better streaming experience, but it also focuses more and more on users themselves. With each update Hubmovie has brought something that gives more value to user accounts and this why it is not just a website that has been built on some free CMS, that is just sitting on the internet.

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6. Primewire

prime wire li

Primewire is a great platform to watch the free online media. Whether it is streaming or the downloading, you can do everything for free. Moreover, you can watch the HD content online for free. The website has many features like the subtitles, seeking and much more. You would get every information at the below of the movie that you want to watch. Nothing could be so handy and convenient like on Primewire, which makes it a great alternative of the watch32.

What’s more in the box is that the website has a huge database of the movies. You would find a lot of movies in this genre. The website also has a search box on which you can search for all of your favourite movies and the TV shows. So switch to the primewire now and forget about the watch32.

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7. Solarmovie


Solarmovie lets you stream through the shows for free and that too without any registration. It is a great alternative over watch32. There are many reasons behind it. While one is that the website allows you to watch everything without registration, the other reason is the broad number of categories that the website has placed. Apart from this the website provides you with the HD content which you can have while streaming.

Though the HD content promised would only show up if you have a great internet connection. If you don’t have a good internet connection, the speed would be adjusted automatically. This way, you would get the best online movie streaming experience on the go.

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