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Everyone loves to enjoy the music and when it comes to the new releases, it’s hard to find the right tracks. However, youtube is a platform where you can find anything you want. The song creators upload the video right away on youtube and you can watch that over the platform. But what about the songs? How would you convert from youtube to mp3? Well, there is a platform called youtube-mp3.org. As this is the biggest benefit of the platform, everyone is too much into it.

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Who wouldn’t want to download the latest song which just appeared on youtube?

However, this trustworthy platform has its own flaws too. In that case, you would require some alternatives which are youtube to mp3 converter. So why not you try the following software which would help you to do the conversion.

Here are 7 platforms which would help you to convert youtube to mp3. The applications or the websites are absolutely free to use and in no time you would learn them and would be able to download everything for free. So let’s hit the list.

1. YTD Downloader

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YTD Downloader is a way too simplified platform for all your youtube video to mp3 conversion. The reason behind this is the GUI of the platform which helps you understand everything that’s into the downloader. The download is available to download on windows for free.

You can download the videos onto the platform simply by entering the link by copying and pasting. Well, the things just don’t end here. You would get a lot of options while doing this. You would get many of the formats to download. You can choose from the mp3, mp4 and other audio and video formats in which you would like to download the video.

All the videos that you download are free from the hanging frames and the other problems which you get during the playback. Not just this, the quality of the conversion is brilliant. The quality of the conversion is so pure that you wouldn’t know the difference between the downloaded or the original copy of the music.

The stream and the conversion rate of the website is amazing. All you have to worry about is finding the right song and rest of the mp3 download is automatically completed with the YTD Downloader. However, you would only be able to enjoy the limited benefits of the YTD downloader. To enjoy the full benefits, you can subscribe to the YTB Downloader.

Visit Website : https://www.ytddownloader.com/

2. Wondershare Video Converter

wondershare video converter

Wondershare converter is another wonder converter which is a great youtube mp3 converter. The reason behind this is the variety of the options which the platform provides for the conversions of the videos. Not just the mp3 format but the converter allows you to download and convert the videos in the 159 formats. These formats are great to provide you with a great experience. You can choose between the various video and audio formats.

The platform has an inbuilt video player, which allows you to play the videos of whatever format they are in. This feature is to ensure that you convert a right video. Also, the platform has only some of the features which are unlocked for free. For the rest of the features, you would have to opt for the pro version.
Apart from all these things you would also get a great stream, download and conversion speed. So why not do the YouTube to mp3 conversion with the wondershare converter.

Visit Website : https://videoconverter.wondershare.com/

3. Online Video Converter

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The website online video converter is similar to the youtube-mp3.org. The reason is that you can convert YouTube to mp3 in just moments. The website has the same GUI as the youtube-mp3.org. The GUI of the platform is so brilliant that you would easily know what to do. From GUI to the downloading everything is perfect.

The conversion and the download speed of the platform are brilliant. All you have to do is just copy and paste the link and the video would appear. After that, you can download, it in any format you want. Moreover the downloading is flawless. So no hang frames, no fluctuations, no downgrading, and everything is too good.

What’s more in the box is that you can download the stuff from many platforms like Daily Motion, Instagram, Vimeo, Facebook, and much more.

Visit Website : https://www.onlinevideoconverter.com/

4. Convert2mp3


Convert2mp3 is a great platform when it comes to the mp3 converter. The reason behind the success of the platform is its GUI. The simplicity in the convert2mp3 is same as the youtube-mp3.org. You can download anything you want from youtube. Like the other platforms, all you need is to simply copy paste the link in the box and select the format in which you want to download the video from the youtube. The platform would handle the rest of the things at an ease.

The conversion of the mp3 converter is amazing. You would find no drop in the quality of the audio which you have received as an audio. Moreover, the downloader would only try to enhance the quality. You would also get an option to download the files in the mp3 format by this YouTube to mp3 converter. So in no time, you would get the best out of the downloader.

The conversion and the downloading speed provided by the downloader is simply amazing. You wouldn’t have to worry about anything going inside. All you need to see is the brilliant conversion quality and the flawless quality which the video to mp3 provides. So go on and try the convert2mp3.

Visit Website : http://convert2mp3.net/en/

5. Freemake Video Converter

freemake video converter

The platform is available for Windows for free. But why is it better than the others? Well, the conversion comes in the form of the software which you can download from the internet. Once you are done with the downloading, you are all set for the conversion and downloading.

Choose from the hundreds of formats when you rely upon the Freemake Video Converter. You can download the videos directly from the links and share them anywhere. Whether it is any social media platform or the youtube, you can easily download YouTube mp3 with the platform. You need not have a strong internet connection to run the software. All you require is the link. Well, apart from all these things, the software lets you share things directly from your computer. Need some real time experience with the application? Well, it has it all. You can use the software to perform and stream the content simultaneously.

Don’t forget that the software is available for free and provides a great conversion quality. Moreover, the download and the conversion speed of the software is also brilliant. So close your eyes and download Freemake Video Converter.

Visit Website : http://www.freemake.com/free_video_converter/

6. Video to Mp3


Till now you would have been fed up with all the web and software-based downloaders. So how about an android application with youtube mp3? Well, video to mp3 converter would solve all your problems. All you would have to do is to download the application from the play store and start pasting the link. Once you paste the link the conversion will process and the downloading would start automatically.

Moreover, you also get the editing options. These editing features of the Android application would give you the options where you can cut and select the frames of the video which you want to convert. So if you just want to download the chores of the video, then you can do it with the application. Apart from that, there are plenty of the options that you get with the application.

The GUI of the application is amazing and you won’t face any of the complexities in the application. So let’s talk about the speed now. Don’t think that the application is mobile based so it would lag behind. No, it doesn’t. The application is even far faster. Your video would quickly be converted and then it doesn’t take much of the time to download. So pick up your android phone and start downloading now.

Visit Website : https://ytmp3.cc/

7. Video to mp3 converter

Well, if you are an apple fan, don’t you get disappointed. We have a lot of options for you there. The application is even available for the ios. You can use the application to convert the videos from the youtube and then choose the format, download them and enjoy. Do you think it could be simpler?

Not just this, even if you are using an iphone, you would be able to sync the downloaded videos with the inbuilt music player. All this is available for free and that too with a great quality. You can use all of the features of the application and that too without thinking of the drop in the quality of the application. So why not download the video to mp3 converter and use it to get all those videos as an mp3 over your phone?

One more thing, don’t think that the application would take much of your space. It’s fast, light and gives you an unbeatable experience.

Visit Website : https://www.onlineconverter.com/video-to-mp3

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