Youtube Video Downloader : Best Alternative Sites To Download YT Videos


Are you looking for the youtube downloader? A wonder which would help you download from the youtube website. Well, we all want to download videos from youtube. Who wouldn’t want to download the videos just after they are released onto the Youtube? Obviously, the platform is the biggest video platform in the world.

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All the best youtube downloader is one such platform. The platform helps you to download the youtube videos on the go. You can download the videos in various formats in whichever format you want to. However, there are other platforms to download youtube videos free and legally. So here is the list of the other such platforms which you can use to convert youtube to mp4.

1. Video DownloadHelper

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The platform is great to catch up the data online. Whether it is videos, audios or simply the pictures, the website is brilliant in its work. youtube converter? Not at all a problem for the platform as the video downloadhelper would settle down the things all by itself.

The platform would download the links smoothly upon your request and then you can convert in whichever format you want.
The conversion is pretty smooth too. There is no problem with the converted output from the source. The converted media is clear, fresh and completes your purpose.

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2. 4k video downloader

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4k video downloader is an amazing youtube video downloader and converter. You can easily convert youtube videos onto the platform. What’s more in the box is the amazing GUI of the platform. Everything is presented in so easy way that you don’t feel like you are a first time visitor. Moreover, talking about the speed of the conversion in downloading, then it is great.

Convert over a lot of audio and video format directly from the youtube. All you have to do is just copy paste the link and click on the convert button.

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3. Freemake Video Downloader

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Freemake Video Downloader is an amazing site to download youtube videos. The reason behind this is that the video downloader provides you with many features and options when it comes to downloading the youtube videos. Not just the youtube but you can also download the videos from the other social media platforms. These include Facebook, myspace, Instagram and other popular social media platforms.

The quality of the conversion of the videos is amazing. In no time, you would be able to download the best video quality possible. Moreover, the videos are converted at 100 % and that too for free of cost.

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4. Flashgot


How is flash? Fast? The same goes for the platform. download youtube video at a lightning fast speed with the help of the flashgot. Want to know more? You would be able to download multiple videos and that too carrying the different formats. All you require is the link between the videos and the rest would happen all by itself.

You can select the format from the variety of the options. Just simply paste the link, select the format and start downloading faster. Can anything get simpler than this?

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5. ClipGrab


Grab all those videos from the social media platforms like the myspace, Metacafe, youtube and a lot more similar platforms. How? Well, all you need is to copy the link of the platform and paste it into the clipgrap.

The conversion quality of the platform is outrageous. You would get the same quality of the output as your input. Just not this, you can share the downloaded media right away. So in this way, you can enjoy videos from different platforms and that too in the format of your choice.

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6. Youtube video and audio downloader : Ytmate


Do you like YouTube? well, every video lover does. So why won’t you download youtube videos? Well, youtube video and audio downloader can help you through this. The platform is available free of cost and can help you with downloading the stuff for free. Choose the link and the format, Its all upon your choice. Want to know more? The conversion and the downloading speed of the platform are amazing.

All you have to do is just copy the link and select the format. The GUI would automatically guide you through the best possible options.

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7. Bulk media downloader

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So how does this downloader got its name? This is because the downloader can help you download the youtube videos in bulk. You can download many videos simultaneously upon your choice. download youtube videos in bulk by simply copying and pasting the links.

Moreover, you get the amazing conversion quality in the videos. No hang frames, no broken frames, no stuck videos or audios. You get the maximum of the conversion like you to get for the videos. So what else do you want?

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8. Peggo.tv

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Want to hear about the best recorder? Here is peggo.tv. The website is brilliant in terms of the digital video recording. The platform is available for the website and is available in the form of the application. Moreover, you would also get the free audio and video conversions.

What’s more in the box is the quality conversion. The quality of the conversion is brilliant. You would see the clarity in the audio or the video converted. Also, the GUI of the platform is pretty brilliant. So in that case, if you want to try out a new feature, you wouldn’t face any difficulties. So go on and try out with peggo.tv.

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9. Any Video Converter

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Any Video Converter is a platform where you would be able to convert between a lot of the formats. Choose between any of the social media platforms and start to work with the things. Just copy the link and paste it on the bar of the downloader. Select the format and that’s it. You would get a crystal clear conversion with no problems.

What’s more in the box is that the platform is a way too fast. The platform can handle the things at a lightning speed. In no time your video would be converted and downloaded. So you don’t have to worry much about those things.

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10. Free Youtube download : DVDvideosoft


One of the greatest downloaders of all time, free youtube downloader focuses entirely on youtube. So in this way, you would be able to download anything from the platform. All you need to do is just copy paste the link of the youtube video and select the format.

There are plenty of options and features available over the platform. Also, you get to choose from a great number of the options between the formats. No matter whatever you choose, you would get the best out of the videos. Not even a single frame would hang and you can enjoy flawlessly.

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