6 Reasons Why Your Computer Keeps Freezing


6 Reasons Why Your “Computer Keeps Freezing” – While you are framing an important document or doing any essential work and your computer freezes, again and again, all you will feel is stress and frustration. At that point in time, you don’t want anything but the reason why this problem occurs in your computer system. You might try several hit and trial methods but you may not solve the issue as you are unknown of the exact cause of the issue.

If you want to overcome the issue, check out the following blog in which the reasons for the freezing of your computer and the solution to overcome the issue is clearly detailed.

Top 6 Reasons that Make Your Windows Computer and Laptops Freeze Frequently

To Fix The Freezing Problemit is a must you look into the causes that lead to freezing…

  1. Use of multiple antiviruses or an unlicensed poor quality antivirus

The antivirus in your device is running continuously at the backend. It exhibits scans of various applications and consumes a lot of memory in your device. If you use multiple antivirus programs, your computer will freeze over and over again. Also, it might lead your system to lag, so it is very important that you choose your antivirus wisely after making proper research or asking the best and experienced IT professionals. There is no use of using multiple antiviruses. It will not give any additional protection to your computer but might invariably generate multiple issues.

  1. Use of Improper or Corrupted Drivers

Drivers are a very important part of your computer system. They are responsible for the effective communication between the operating system and other hardware devices. If you are using outdated or corrupted driver, then it is obvious that your system will face several issues. Your computer will freeze again and again over time. To avoid the freezing of your computer, you must always keep your driver updated.

  1. External Devices that are Corrupted, Faulty and Contain Virus

If your computer system tends to freeze after you connect it to some external device like pen drive, your smartphone or when you insert the CD, then the obvious reason of unexpected shutdown of your computer or freezing of your device is nothing but the external device that you have recently introduced to your system. Before you use any external storage device to your system, make sure that the device is protected and does not contain any virus. Whenever you use any device, check it first with the help of antivirus in your device and then start using it. Malware and antivirus can be harmful in several ways apart from just freezing your system.

If you have connected multiple devices at a time, first, disconnect all the devices and connect the devices one by one to locate the exact culprit. You must also keep your USB device drivers updated to avoid the inconvenience.

  1. Applications Containing Bugs

Not all the applications in your system are licensed and downloaded from a trusted source. If you download the applications from unknown sources, there are chances that the applications contain bugs and that is the reason for freezing your computer system. To overcome freezing of computer because of faulty applications, try to uninstall the applications that have recently been installed on your device.

If you do not remember the application that has been installed most recently, you must remove all the extensions and applications that are not being used by you anymore and check if it makes the difference. The last option is to format your system and reboot it. It will help you solve the issue.

  1. Virus and Malware

Each one of us uses the internet on the system regularly. Unknowingly, we open the pages, applications, emails and programs that contain the virus. The result is the introduction of malware in our computer system. The malware may also enter through an external device. To protect your system against malware which causes the freezing of your computer or acts as a hindrance between the smooth operation and functioning can be removed with the help of an antivirus.

Always keep an effective and licenced antivirus in your system which checks each and every program running on your system regularly and hence keeps your system protected.

  1. Low RAM and Internal Memory on The Device

If you are using programs and software on your computer that consumes higher memory, the RAM on your computer must be an incomplete combination, or else there will be no surprise if your system hangs again and again. Any machine can work perfectly within its design limits. If it is overloaded in any way, it will produce undesired results.

The solution to this problem is to buy a computer with good RAM, or else go for RAM extension. Your computer must contain a minimum 8GB of RAM to work smoothly without freezing. Do not compromise on RAM of your device to save few bucks. It will waste a lot of time and also the money in the near future as your device will not work properly and keep freezing. You must manage the memory on your device properly do not just fill the internal memory of the device with unwanted things. Consider using Google drive or external storage devices for the programs that are not of any use in your device memory.

Final Words

The cause of freezing of your computer is not single, but there are many reasons that make your computer to lag, hang and freeze. The causes are different, so the solution for each case would be different. Thus, if you want to make your system work smoothly, it is important for you to make sure that you work in the favorable environment.

The most common causes that freeze your computer are detailed in the write-up along with their simplest possible solution. Try avoiding the situations that cause freezing of your computer. Keep your system organized, updated and use the configuration of your computer as per your need. The configuration of the system varies for personal and professional use so act accordingly to have proper functioning of your machine.

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