10 Best Torrent Search Engines Of 2018


There are many different torrents search engines which have shown their appearance and then disappeared after a certain period of time. The government of India has banned various torrentsearch engines due to the issues related to copyrights and other things. Torrent sites are widely used by those who often do online streaming of games, videos and movies. UTorrent search is very helpful for those people who want to download the movies, songs, and TV shows in total free of cost.

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Let us look at the 10 best UTorrent search engines as per the latest updates along with their specific services which are mentioned below:

List Of Best 10 Torrent Search Engines 2018

1.The Pirate Bay

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This has been the topmost ranked torrent search engine of this year due to the collection of an exceptionally large number of movies, games, music, TV programs, and other software. This search engine aims in the faster speed of downloading files and this is why it is considered to be at the top notch.

This torrent engine may not be accessible in certain countries. The Pirate Bay has been one of the most prominent hosting site and there is always a greater likelihood that larger amount of seeds would be available for fastest downloading.

Get URL : https://thepiratebay3.org/


yts.am search engine-min

YTS.ag or yts.am should be a preference for those individuals who are more interested in watching movies. This website does not have any link with the original YTS website. Even then, this website has gained popularity. It is famous for its appealing vision. Although it contains pirated content but people are amazed by the looks of this website.

It also offers a fantastic search bar which is accompanied with many filters. And this website has a very convincing and clear description.

Get URL : https://yts.am/


1337x search engine-min

This website also pays much attention to it looks. The alignment of the content is very much convincing ranging from the index page. There are multiple categories that are hosted by the wonderful torrent sites. This also offers a Trending section which incorporates torrents for a certain period of time extending from few days to several weeks.

This is more preferable because of the convenient user interface availability. Also, the information is very easily readable without putting any strain in your vision.

Get URL : http://www.1377x.to/


rarbg.to search engine-min

The Alexa rank for this particular torrent search engine is 364 and it may not be so pleasing to the customers but the website is very much valid and reliable when the purpose of this website is considered. The purpose of this website is to offer the optimal torrent files to other leeches. When the users click on the provided links in this website, they have to encounter a lot many advertisements which may seem irritable to the users.

This torrent website also has a webpage that’s separately contains the upcoming and recent movies and TV show trailers. It may not be useful to every customer but could prove to be helpful for some users for use. This search engine also uniquely maintains a separate blog wherein new articles are present related to the comic characters and other stars of TV program.

Get URL : http://Rarbg.to/index41.php


torrentz2 eu search engine-min

The Alexa rank for this particular website is 559. It is basically a clone of the already banned Torrentz. It simply makes you available the torrent files and links that are already available on the other sites of Torrent. Apart from taking the help of search box every time, one can also take assistance form MyTorrentz section in which they can view tag bubble and view the verified torrent files under multiple types.

One can use this Torrent search because it is also accessible in the form of an onion website which helps in increasing the privacy of the search and downloading history of the users.

Get URL : https://torrentz2.eu/


eztv.ag search engine-min

This torrents search engine has been able to maintain its position under top notch categories and it has been assigned an Alexa rank as 927. The TV shows have been mostly downloaded by this website and it has been widely used by the customers for other content availability. The information about the content is given in the tabular format and contains various links for torrent.

Countdown list is a specific feature of this website through which one can check the latest and upcoming uploads of torrent sites. The calendar section may also be very much useful to see the previously uploaded content.

Get URL : https://eztv.ag/


limetorrents.cc search engine-min

It is also one of the top 10 UTorrent search engines in the online world for this year. It is also a hosting website for different content incorporating movies, applications and animated content and so on.

It s striking feature is the availability of the updated content on a regular basis. It also contains multiple web pages each separately containing the trending content list based on the ranks and the newness.

Also, the customers may register their accounts if they are willing to upload any content for other people. This website also contains an optimal amount of seeds. This is a verified torrent site and its identification can be done on the basis of a star icon present in the listing of torrent sites.

Get URL : https://limetorrent.cc/


zooqle search engine-min

It has a newly assigned name but has gained success in no time due to the enhanced number of torrent links available on this site. The navigation of different contents is quite convenient and the user interface is simple and comprehensive without any advertisement showcasing problem.

It include a wide variety of content under multiple sub categories and hence, those who are not regular users, may be benefitted by this search engine the most.

Get URL : https://zooqle.com/


torrents.me search engine-min

This is one of the considerably good websites as it has a lot of services to offer. Some of them include the differentiation of the categories of the content to make the navigation process easier for the customers and also the search for the best torrent websites under valid category becomes very convenient.

Get URL : http://torrents.me/

10.Torrent Project

torrent search engine project-min

The Torrent search project or the Torrent project is a website for looking for different torrent files which provides the links from other reliable pages, for instance, The ExtraTorrent. It also incorporates more than 10 million files and has an appealing interface.

Get URL : https://torrentproject2.se


Therefore, the bottom line is that a there is a tough fight between the different torrent websites in the online world due to increasing competition. One should select the best torrent site as per their own convenience with respect to the requirements and the purpose of use