CamelCamelCamel – Best Camel Camel Alternatives & Similar Sites 2018


Everyone wants to get the best out of the shopping. Whether it is getting a better product or the low prices, one tries its best to get the best product under the low prices. It gets really hectic if one tries to keep a track of the products on his own. How many times you would have to check out the prices again and gain? Following this problem, camelcamelcamel was created.

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camel camel is an online platform which keeps the track of the products that you choose online. These products could be anything. What makes the camel camel camel brilliant that the website keeps a track of the prices of the products that whether they are increasing or decreasing. This way, nobody has to go through all the hassle of keeping the track of the prices of the product.

Due to some unavoidable reasons, the camelcamel camel is going through a lot of problems. The solutions to these problems are nothing but finding an alternative. Though these problems are just the minute ones what is the problem in finding a better alternative to them. The market is full of the applications and the platforms when it comes to the keeping the track of the products.

The only problem is that you cannot invest your money and the time over the fake statistics of the applications. You would need a reliable platform to update you with all the details. Keeping this in mind, we have brought you the list of the online platforms which are better than the camel camel camel in many of the ways. So here is the list of the important platforms:-

Listed below are the websites that are similar to CamelCamelCamel:

1. Mac Buyer’s guide

mac buyers guide-min

Good news for the apple fans. The mac buyer’s guide guides you through the seasons and the time about when you should buy the Apple products. The application precisely tracks the activity of the apple products.

With the help of the intelligent algorithms, the website decides the time when the apple products are going to hit the rock bottom. In this way, you can buy that I phone and the MacBook book at the least of the price you can find in the market.

So, if you are an Apple fan, you should immediately switch to the Mac Buyer’s Guide.

Get It Here – https://buyersguide.macrumors.com/

2. PriceCute

price cute-min

Who wouldn’t want to shop from the world’s biggest shopping website. Yes, you name it right, the Pricecute tracks the price changes in the Amazon marketplace. At first, you need to add the link of the product that you want to buy from the Amazon. The tool would keep on tracking the item and notify you when the prices get low.

The tool would also show you the graph and the statistics of the product when the price of the product gets low and high. In this way, you would be able to track everything at a better rate. Just not the one product but you can add up a lot of products in the tool so that you can track them better.

So switch to the application now and enjoy the best of the tracking in no time.

3. Yellowbag


The yellow bag is another platform to buy the products when they hit the rock-bottom prices. The algorithm behind the application is simple. It would just save the link of the item that you want to buy and then simply tracks it. When the tracking of the item is done every day, the application would come to know about the price rise and the drops.

You would be notified with the drop in the prices when the products hit the low prices. Not just this, if the product is fluctuating then the tool would track the pattern of the product. At last, it would simply tell you the best time to buy the product. You can rely on the application for the opinion and simply buy the product.

Get It Here – www.theyellowbag.org

4. Keepa : Amazon Price Tracker

keepa amazon price tracker-min

The Keepa Amazon price tracker is an amazing tool over the camel camel camel. The reason behind this fact is simple. The Amazon tracker helps you to track the price of the product over the google sheet. The sheet is regularly updated with the prices and the products.

When the product is on the low price, the application would tell you about that in no time. This is the way you can find the best deals. The application is precise about the trackings and the decision that it makes.

So with no wastage of the time, you can simply switch to the Amazon price tracker from the camel camel camel and feel the difference.

Get It On – Google Chrome

5. Pricealert for Amazon

pricealert for amazon-min

The pricealert for Amazon is a different tracking tool. The tool has a brilliant idea. It tracks the Amazon over the products that you have set in it. The tool would only notify you, when the product that you have chosen has reached the price that you have decided.

Now the ball gets in your hand. You have to decide the price of the product by your own. The GUI of the tool is amazing and you wouldn’t get confused while working with the tool. All you can do is just simply provide the link to the tool that you want to track and your job would get simple.

This is how the pricealert for Amazon is a better tool than the camel camel camel.So simply download these tools and the plugins. Add them to your browser and start your tracking now.

Get On – Google Play

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