Google adds a donate button directly into search for US-based nonprofits

Google says it started with organizations that have opted in via its Google for Nonprofits initiative and hopes more nonprofits will join.


As we near the holidays, Google is making it easier to support your favorite nonprofit organization by adding a donate button directly in search.

The new feature was announced yesterday. Google says a number of US-based nonprofits now have the “Donate” option available so that when you search for organizations like Direct Relief, you’ll be able to make a donation straight from the search results page.

In the example above, the screen shot to the right is the organic result that appears with the new “Donate” button after scrolling past the ads that appear in the screenshot shown on the left.
Google says that when you tap the donate button, “… you’ll see an easy donation flow that lets you give to your favorite organization as easily as you can look up its history, phone number, or website.”

The organizations currently using the donate button represent a variety of causes and locations across the US. According to Google, they were able to opt-in to the feature via the Google for Nonprofits initiative. (Google directs nonprofits to its Google for Nonprofits website to learn more about the donate button.)

The rollout of the donate button comes at a time when Google says nearly 30 percent of all giving happens — during the holidays.

“We’ve seen people’s generosity throughout 2017, especially in times of crisis and need. And earlier this year, we made a commitment to continue to bring the best of our people, products, and philanthropy to make an impact and help create opportunity for everyone,” says Google product manager, Prem Ramaswami, in The Keyword blog post announcing the feature.

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