How I got Google AdSense Account with a Month Old Domain?


Every newbie bloggers have a dream to get Google AdSense approved as quickly as possible but most time it doesn’t get approved. I got AdSense approval in only 27 days and in one try. I have registered my domain on 13 January and setup my website DOHACK.ORG on 24 January with WordPress and I got approval today i.e. 10 February. Here I am sharing some simple tips to get quick AdSense approval eespecially for Indian bloggers.

Before you apply for Adsense, read AdSense new approval process, as it will answer most of your queries related to steps requires for getting approved account. Make sure your blog is a self hosted blog, and you have added all the original content.

Your blog design will play a major role in getting approval, as AdSense now approved accounts manually, and if your site design is cluttered or un-organized, it may lead to straight away disapproval.

Steps require to get an approved account from AdSense

1. Custom domain:

Use top level domain (TLD) i.e. www.example.com not www.xxx./example

2. Wait and improve your website:

Wait for at least 20 days after setup of website, so as to get good traffic.

3. Originality of content is the key:

Try writing as much good and original content as you can.

4. Apply with real-name:

Use Real Names and NOT Fake name.

5. Application should be submitted with utter care:

You have to write your address correctly, use Real Address and in proper format.

6. Keep domain information open:

Use same personal information which you have used during domain registration as Google team verifies it.

7.      If Rejected, re-apply :

There are chances that you might not get approval for the first time, and reason of rejection could be different. You should consider removing the error and reapply for AdSense. Most of people don’t bother re-trying, and later on they regret it. It will hardly take 1-2 hour to fix the reason for rejection, and once you re-apply it will be easier to get approved. ShoutMeLoud blog also got AdSense approval after 3-4 retry.

8.       Have good content both on quality and quantity.

9. Blog traffic:

There is not anything like minimum traffic requirement, but a good idea is to have little traffic before you apply for AdSense. Even 50 hits/day is a good number to start with. You can read our earlier guide on how to promote your blog, and how to drive traffic which will help you to get initial traffic to your website.

10.  Professional Website is what you need:

AdSense relies on publisher and advertisers, and think of them as a company who like to get more publisher. At the same tim, AdSense is very strict about quality of publishers, and that’s the reason they are number one Advertisement platform for bloggers. You need to work hard on making your blog professional, and making it look attractive. Now, when I say attractive, it doesn’t mean you will add endless widgets on sidebar, even a minimalist approach is good at times.

11.   Use Google webmaster and analytics to optimize your website content and to get most out of the Search Engines.

12.  Your Webhosting:

Most of new bloggers try to use free Webhosting companies, and that’s one reason they face rejection. No, its not because Google hate free Webhosting companies, but most of the time (2nd step), your Website goes down, and AdSense rejects you. If you ever heard of the term, money makes money, spend a little on buying the hosting, and you will never face any such problem. My recommendation is Bluehost, where you can buy hosting for as low as $4.95/month along with 1 free domain.

13.   Don’t make you site for AdSense or affiliate.

At last if you get AdSense approved don’t click your own ads. Do read: How to apply for Adsense account

Also check out this bonus video before you apply for your AdSense account:

I know how it feels when you applications are getting rejected, but as I mentioned AdSense wants more publisher, but with quality. So work on improving your blog quality, and getting an Approved Adsense account will not be tough.

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