Playbox HD – Best PlayboxHD Alternatives & Similar Websites 2018


Watching Movies, Videos, and TV show anytime from anywhere has become very easy these days. There are lots of app building companies who are offering apps that can help you watch your desired movies and videos from your desired location. Playbox HD is such an app. It allows you to watch Movies, cartoons, TV shows, animations and lots of more videos. If you love to watch something for your entertainment in your free time, then Playbox HD app is for you.

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You can download the Playbox apk from the internet. The installation process of this app is not very easy. To install Playbox for Android, you need to first download and install vShare on your device. Now open vShare and type Playbox HD download in the search box. Now find and install the Playbox HD.

Except Playbox HD, there are many more apps that are similar to it. Below is the list of such apps:

1. CinemaBox

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This app is available for both Android and iOS devices and can be easily downloaded. In this app, all the movies and videos are in High Quality. You can watch videos online as well as download to watch offline. Cinemabox supports Google Chrome cast, which means you can watch your favorite videos on a big screen easily with this app.

The app is updated daily so that you can enjoy your favorite episode. Also, in case any link you click to watch any video is broken, you can use the alternative link. There is always more than one link to stream or download videos with Cinema Box.

The kid’s mode feature of this app keeps your children away from watching any inappropriate content. Moreover, it supports subtitles that can be turned on and off.

Get Cinemabox Here

2. Gigaplex HD

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Another similar app to Playbox HD app is gigaplex HD. Within this app, you can watch movies from wherever you are. There is a large collection of movies that you can stream or download for free. All the movies are categorized by country name. Because of the flawless user experience, this app is incredibly popular.

Gigaplex HD requires Android version 8 or above. It is free to use but in case you want to watch more movies, you can pay for the monthly subscription.

3. Telly



This app lets you watch movies, comedy shows, dramas, and many more videos online as well as offline. You can watch videos by downloading this app or by visiting their website. Android users can download this app from the Google Play Store. The search box lets you search for your desired movies.

All the videos in this app contain Arabic Subtitles. Also, with Telly app, you can cast videos to your Television. This is a paid app and you need to spend $4.99 monthly to get access to the movies and videos. For new users, they offer a 7-day free trial.

Get Telly Here

4. Movie box


movie box-min

This is also a great entertaining app that allows you to watch your favorite videos for free. This app can be downloaded on Android as well as iOS devices. Apk file is easily available on the internet to for Android users.

Just download and install this app on your mobile to enjoy plenty of Videos. This app is best to watch TV shows and Movies online. You can browse the videos by Genre to find them easily.

Get Movie Box Here

5. Bobby HD

bobby movie box-min

This app was first introduced as a website and now you can download its app to use it on mobile. They have so many high-quality videos that you can watch for free. There is no need to jailbreak your device to install and use this app. Just download it from the internet and use it.

All the content on Bobby HD is updated frequently so if you are watching any series, you will able to watch recent episodes of that series. Also, with this app, you can watch videos on your Television.

Get Bobby HD Box Here

6. GoWatchit



This app is quite different from all other apps. It is like a search engine that helps you to find the movie or video you are looking for on the internet. All you need to do is just type the title of the video that you want to watch in the search box and tap search.

You will find the video that you are looking for but you cannot directly watch that movie on Gowatchit. This app provides you the link of other apps where you can watch your searched movie.

7. Disney XD


disnep hd-min

This is another popular app to watch videos online. You can also download games with this app. You can find the videos by selecting your country. There is a wide collection of videos, movies, and games that you can watch as well as download.

If you are unable to find the video you are looking for, then you can simply use the search box.

Get Disney XD Here

8. Tubi TV


tubi tv-min

Tubi TV offers a huge collection of Movies and TV shows that you can watch online. This is a free app. Just register on the app and watch all the popular videos. All the videos are uploaded in high-quality.

There are around 13 categories that can help you to easily find the movies that you are looking for. Some of the movies on Tubi TV are paid. You need to pay some amount to get access to those movies.

Get Tubi TV Here

9. Hubi


hubi tv-min

Hubi is another similar app to Playbox Android. It offers so many high-quality videos that you can download or watch online. You cannot directly watch videos within this app, instead, it will give you the link of the video that you are looking for and you can watch your video by clicking on that link.

Also, with this app, you can share your favorite videos with your friends.

Get Hubi Here

10. Zona

zona tv-min

This app lets you watch TV Series, Movies, Music Videos, and Sports online. There is a wide range of old and newly released videos. Also, you can watch animated videos with this app. All the videos available in this app are of high quality which you can easily download if you want to watch later.

You can simply download the apk file of Zona and install it in your device to enjoy all the videos.

Get Zona Here

From the above list, you can download anyone to watch Free movies online. Remember that all these apps are not free. Some of the required paid subscription to get access to the latest movies and videos.