Vumoo – Best Vummo Movies Alternatives & Similar Sites 2018


As the world is switching to the movies and TV shows on demand, it has given birth to the thousands of the websites online. Vumoo is one of these online platforms which lets you stream the media on the go. The services of the platform have been closed due to the unavoidable reasons. Still, there are a lot of other platforms through which you can enjoy the flawless movie experience. So here is the list of the platforms like vumoo.ch, which can replace it.

List Of Top Sites Similar To Vumoo in 2018

1. Popcorntime

Popcorn Time free movies

Popcorntime was launched with the aim to be a great alternative to the subscription-based platforms. Alike vummo, popcorntime is an amazing platform which has lots of different movies and the TV shows over it. All you need to do is search for your movie on the search box and the result would be the movie you have been looking for.

Moreover, the website features subtitles and other options which can make the online experience better. How would you see all these movies? Well, the website has a built-in video player for all your needs.

Weblink – https://popcorntime.sh/

2. Butter Project

butter project

Popcorn with butter is the favorite combination and the same applies online. Butter Project is a great alternative to the vumoo movies and even better than that. This is because of the number of reasons. While the first one being the fact that butter project allows you to stream for free and that too without any adds. In addition to this, the website has some other cool features that you might like.

You can select the quality in which you want to download or stream the websites. Moreover, the website also gives you the access to a broad genre and thousands of the links from which you can see the movies.

Weblink – http://butterproject.org/ (Update : Website Discountinued)

3. The Movie DB

the movie db

Known as the greatest alternative to all other websites, The movie DB has another level in the world of free online streaming. Talking about the quality of the content, then it depends upon the uploaders. The movie DB also provides you with the other options like selecting the quality of the content and other things.

Unlike vumoo, you can download the movies and the TV shows. This adds up to the great benefit to the users. The GUI of the website is amazing to make things simpler. Along with the GUI, the downloading speed is also acceptable. But then, it all depends on your internet connection.

Weblink – https://www.themoviedb.org/en

4. Putlockers

putlocker co

What makes putlockers the greatest alternative to the vumoo? It’s the thousands of the movies which you can find on the platform. Forget about the lame advertisements that you get in between as the Put lockers has a solution to it. Moreover, the website provides you with a search box powered by a powerful search engine which lets you search flawlessly.

Talking about the quality of the TV shows and movies, then they are just great. You just need to have a decent internet connection when you stream online.

Weblink – https://putlockers.co/

5. Primewire

prime wire li

Prime wire is amazing. It lets you stream, through the thousands of the movies and TV shows online. The platform is more like a movie search engine. It doesn’t have anything of its own but provides you with the list of the links that let you watch the movies and the TV shows.

All you have to do is search with your query and it would all be done. Moreover, the GUI of the website is brilliant. It lets you with everything.

Weblink – http://primewire.li

6. Solarmovie

solar movie.one

While the other websites frustrate the user with the registrations and the hectic processes. Solarmovie turns out to be a great alternative and replacement for the vumoo. The reason behind this is simple. Solarmovie lets you stream everything for free.

Free from advertisements, costs, and the hassles. Moreover, the website brings you all the authentic links with HD streaming. What more could you expect from an online streaming website?

Weblink – https://www1.solarmovie.one/

7. Hubmovie.cc

hub movies cc

No pop-ups and no fakeness. Hubmovie is a great replacement for vumoo.ch. The reason behind this is simple. On hubmovie, you need not make an account, to stream through the movies. All you need is the name which you want to search.

The website GUI is so brilliant that it can change your favorite movie. It lets you check through a huge number of genres and categories. So switch to the Hubmovie and enjoy all the dramas and TV shows now.

Weblink – http://hubmovie.cc/

8. Squire

squire app

Squire is another torrent based website. In addition to that, squire also gives you the suggestions for the new movies. The website features the search box on which you can type the name and then you are ready to go. Get the links to the hundreds of the movies and TV shows online and take that popcorn box and enjoy with your friends.

Weblink – http://squireapp.com/

9. Streamza

streamza watch movies

Another Picasso art of the torrents, streamza also makes up a brilliant alternative to the vumoo.me. The reason for the popularity of the streamza is simple. The website lets you stream through any torrents that you would want.

Just search for it and then you would know the power of the website. From HD torrents to the full-length movies, the website provides you everything.

Weblink To Buy – https://sites.fastspring.com/streamza/product/streamza7daytrialcreator

10. Mobdro

mobdro movies app

Mobdro is a great example that how you can enjoy the movies and TV shows online. The online platform lets you stream to any platform you want. Be it the Android smartphone, PC, tablet or laptop, the application allows you everything.

The website too is compatible with everything. The screen size is automatically adjusted according to your needs so that you can get entertainment flawlessly.

Weblink – https://www.mobdro.sc/

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