Pubfilm – Best Pub Film Alternatives & Similar Sites 2018


Pubfilm is a great platform to satisfy all your online movies and TV shows needs. The website has got great features to help you find the right content for your needs. Whether it be new movies or the post-release movie, you can find everything on the platform. However, pubfilm online has a lot of problems. These problems are not fatal but options are always better. Pub film has some great alternatives.

These alternatives are the same as the platform. You would find them amazing and you would switch to them in no time. Furthermore, these platforms have a great User Interface too. All you have to do is just try them once and you will get addicted to them in no time.

List Of Top Sites Similar To Pubfilm in 2018

1. Putlocker


Put lockers is one of the best alternative that you would find of the pubmovie. Meanwhile, the pubfilm provides you with the categories, the pulocker provides you with a long list of that. All you need to do is just log on to the putlocker and watch your favorite movies on the go. There are very little advertisements on the website that you can easily go through while viewing your favorite movies or the TV shows.

The website has a great User Interface which helps in the quick user understanding. Moreover, the website has everything that you would want. Apart from all this, the website has a great stream speed that you want to enjoy. You can select the streaming speed and view the HD content on the go. Like the pubfilm, the putlocker is a one-stop solution for all your movies and TV shows.


2. Popcorntime


Like the pubfilms, popcorntime is a great platform to provide you with all the TV shows and the movie needs. No matter whichever TV show or the movie you like, you would find everything on the popcorntime. The website features great showtime with brilliant speed. Moreover, the website provides you with unlimited bandwidth that you can enjoy. With the help of the unlimited bandwidth, you can enjoy the brilliant speed. Furthermore, if you want the details of the movies, then there is no problem with the popcorntime.

The website shows you all the details like the pub film. Popcorntime has many facilities. You can easily download the movies that you want to see. Either download the desktop application or simply use the Android version of the application. You can choose the desktop version for all your downloading that you want to do.


3. Vumoo


Vumoo is the platform that has the list of all the movies that you want to see. The list of the collection of the movies has everything that you would want to see. Vumoo has always been a great alternative over the other websites due to the number of features. The website is a better alternative to the pubfilms because of the downloader that the website has. This powerful downloader can help you to download your own movies for free on computer and the smartphone. Moreover, you would also need to player to play all these videos.

Everything that stream would be at a great stream speed and that is what the beauty of Vumoo. Furthermore, the website has great thing to offer you. The website is HD and every video that you find on the website; you can easily view that video. So what else do you want from it.


4. Niter

niter movies

Niter is a great platform which you can choose over pubfilm. However, pubfilm do have some of the greatest features that online streaming has ever witnessed but then, Niter is a way too brilliant than that. With the help of the Niter, you can see all the new and the old classics that you ever wanted to see. This contains every movie or the TV show that you want to see. Apart from this, the Niter has other features like it provides you with great bandwidth. Greater bandwidth means that you can stream your TV shows and movies faster.

Niter lets you to view every single TV show and movie in HD. This is something really brilliant from the website. Also, the website adapts according to your device. No matter if you are playing on the laptop, mobile or tablet, the video adapts according to the screen of the device.


5. 123Movies


123Movie is another brilliant thing that you can choose over pubfilms. The fact with the pubfilm online is that the website provided you with the categories but that never meant to be a broad category. With 123Movies you can view content from the different countries. Unlike pubfilm, 123 movies has a huge database of the TV shows that you want to see. You can visit any of the movies or the TV shows on the go. Just you would have to take care of the fact that you have an account. The website needs an account so that you can watch all your media without having any problems. Moreover, the platform also offers you with subtitles and the movie information like the year of its release, languages available, IMDB rating and much more.


There is another great factor that you would like over the pubfilm. Though the website has all these things it also features the HD shows. These HD shows are brilliant as the quality of the show is with respect to the internet connection speed that you have. If you have a high speed, then you can view the programs over HD.