Why Is My Internet So Slow? How Can I Fix It?


Does your internet sometimes become slow? When internet goes down, our lives also became stagnant. We are so prone to internet and wi-fi these days that without them we cannot imagine how our lives would be. The internet is slow issues are becoming very common nowadays. The reason for why is internet so slow can vary from signal congestion, hardware problems, router location and many more. So to get the fast speed possible, let’s discuss a few things you can do to your network.

10 Steps To Troubleshoot Slow Internet Connection

  1. Troubleshoot your hardware

To fix the issue of internet slow today, reset your modem and router once without wasting time. Unplug both for few seconds and then plug again until they get fully get working. If this doesn’t help with your internet then replace your router or modem which is the actual problem causing thing. Try with restarting the device for better results. As soon as your router get at its pace, you will be getting a speedy connection.

  1. Fix your wi-fi signal

Sometimes the reason for slow internet connection is wireless signal. There are certain programs like old firmware, faulty systems and bad channels that can result in bad connection. To resolve the issue, you are required to tweak your router. The MTU settings of the router can make the performance bad if it is not adjusted properly. The more you keep your device close to router, the better sped of internet is what you get.

  1. Turn off bandwidth hogging plugin and apps

Is your browser usually slow when you download files using torrent sites? For that purpose, you should install extensions like Adblock plus or flash block that blocks the hogging ads and videos that make the internet speed slow. Also, check if your services like Google drive, one drive is running on the background that makes the system slow. Games and videos certainly impact the network and cause poor connections probably. So you better keep those applications close while working on the net.

  1. Consult your internet service provider

If you have tried with all the ways with which you can deal with the problem but still didn’t get why is my internet slow then it is high time to call your provider. May be your service provider has made some changes with network configuration. Sometimes, technical issues are there. So never feel hesitated to contract your ISP in case of any issue with your internet.

  1. Secure your network from worms and other malware

Do you know what internet worm is? It is infected software that gets transferred from one device to another with the help of computer networks. In case your computer got infected, then it may sure cause internet connection problems and making it slow simultaneously. There are many free and premium utilities available on the web to eradicate these malwares and prevent your devices from that. So in order to keep your system protected from such malwares, update the anti-virus on regular basis. Run a full system scan with antivirus software. Also, if you have find a virus but unable to remove it then take help of a technician to fix it.

  1. Browser can be a problem

You can use a different browser for some time so as to check whether the problem is because of browser only. If it is like that, clear your cache files in the older browser. Turn off the Google toolbox extensions to make the internet speed good. To install the internet options utility follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Tap on ‘start’.
  • Tap control panel.
  • Double click on the internet options.
  • Tap on settings below browsing history.

The focus is to make your cache files as less as you can do. The more your occupy space with your files, the more your computer needs to search from. With this you can definitely improve your internet connection to a great extent.

  1. Check for coax splitters

Are you also wondering about why is my download speed so slow? If you are using a cable internet and coaxial cable splitters are running on your cable modem, then this could be a biggest contributor to your network signal and thus causing poor connection. Disconnect the splitters to troubleshoot your internet connection. Always go for a high quality splitter for better internet connection.

  1. Make sure your firmware is current

Firmware is software incorporated in a read only memory chip that enables the router to implement network and security protocols. Many service providers give firmware updates that can be downloading to solve performance issues and thoroughly increate your network speed. Remember not to download the firmware updates from any other third party source that can be more problematic.

  1. Stop saturating your connection

The speed of your internet also depends on the number of devices connected to it.  If you doesn’t have a good internet then saturating your connection would automatically makes the speed slow. So you should upgrade to a better internet package in order to get rid of the issue. Additionally you can check the quality of service feature in your router which manages the bandwidth the number of devices share.

  1. Is your computer, phone, tablet configured properly?

If your network is creating problem only with your smartphone but works well with the laptop, then check the device network settings. For this, visit the wi-fi settings and see if wifi is connected correctly with the right security password. Make sure the aeroplane mode of device is disabled and the time and date of your phone is also correct. Moreover check with the adapter if it is running properly with all the devices.

Final words

So there are many options as discussed above which you can try for your internet connection. The slow internet speed is what interrupted your work and entertainment and many people are looking for why is my internet so slow. So to get rid of that, follow the quick steps and still if the connection is poor, then you should surely contact your internet service provider for that problem.